Gair Rhydd meets: VP Heath Park Candidates

Harriet Arscott


About you?
From Devon, and a Third-Year medicine student. The best bit of university has been joining the Medics netball team. I am this year’s Captain and last year’s Social Sec. I have a team that works around the hours that we do as medical students and shows that everyone at Heath can be part of society or sport.

Why are you running for this position?

There’s a lot of things that I like besides medicine, I love social media and marketing, and I want to get involved in campaigns for worthy causes. I like engaging with the lovely and diverse people on Heath across the years.

What experience do you have that will make you good for this role?

As Captain of a Medic netball team I have experience in management of games and people, and also being a leader. Being social secretary last year and the current media secretary now for the club, I have experience using social media for organising and running events.

What are your top 3 points in your manifesto?

1 in 3 medical students suffer from a medical condition – and this is shocking. I want to step up the amount and sustainability of support at the Heath. It is from my own experience too that I know this is needed.

Better communication between the university and students which things such as room and placement changes, as well as more updates on course progress.

To ensure everyone has time to take part in sport and society, and pursue whatever passion they have by keeping Wednesday afternoons free for everyone. I’d like later games for medic teams and introducing an awards ceremony to celebrate the success of Heath societies and sports on the campus.

What university facilities would you change or like to improve on?

More plug sockets in libraries and more rooms for private study with booking made easier to do. More awareness and access to extenuating circumstances, and to continue to lobby for a purpose-built Student’s Union building at Heath Park Campus.

Do you have a slogan or something recognizable?

For the support that Heath needs, vote Brascott! Heath needs Support, Heath needs Brascott.

Jen Kent

Jen Kent.jpg

About you?

I’m from south of Manchester, in the county of Cheshire. Third Year Medicine student who’s also the Vice President for Global Health, a member of Acapella and a member of the water polo team.

Why are you running for this position?

It is crucial that Heath has a say in how the SU uses its funding, the decisions it makes and how it affects how Heath Park Campus is run. There are things that are just not sufficient at Heath, and it is important that someone who understand these struggles is able to represent Heath.

What experience do you have that will make you good for this role?

A student at Heath first and foremost. Improvements are needed such as better communal space for students. In the past I have had influential roles, so I know I cannot say something and not follow it through. I’ve had roles on Global Health, and I like working with other people and their ideas to make sure everyone is happy with the outcomes. My organisational abilities have been tested with both societies and my degree.

What are your top 3 points in your manifesto?

Better student support services such as placement friendly hours for counselling, so all students are able to access them. You shouldn’t have to compromise between missing work or mental health, as one third of students suffer from mental health problems and this is not addressed at Heath.

More funding for travel, for example, indirect course costs. If they have to travel from placements (like many physiotherapy and nursing students do) it can end up being really costly and this is unfair when it is a course requirement.

Free Wednesday afternoons for all so they can partake in aspects of university such as playing sports or societies.

What university facilities (etc. services) would you change or like to improve on?

Communal areas, as the IV lounge isn’t big enough or bright enough and needs to be improved. Also I’d like lockers for personal items such as bike helmets and books.

Do you have a slogan or something recognizable?

Be a gem and vote for Jen!

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