Gair Rhydd meets: VP Societies and Volunteering Candidates

Henri Page

Henri Page.jpg

About you?

21 studying politics and philosophy and spend most of my time in the su participating in the wonderful activities on offer

Why are you running for this position?

Benefited hugely from involvement in volunteering experience, and care passionately about improving those experiences for those who come here. I’ve got good people skills, right person for the job and would really fulfil me if I got the role.

What experience do you have that will help with this role?

Lots of participation in SU events and volunteering so I want to improve these services for others. Societies executive, student advice and student senate.

Top 3

1) Out-reach awareness

a. All students know the vast opportunities available to them. Make freshers fayre less overwhelmingly expanding size of the event. Make it clearer what societies are running. Course based societies first and base and put societies and events on academic timetable so students can mix

2) Employability and recognition

a. So many people put so many hours into societies and volunteering but would be really nice to have certificate for that and it’s really important to recognise the hard work students do for free and increase profile of Cardiff Volunteering

3) Committee and society support

a. Societies become your family, comittees become quite aware of their members and their own wellbeing working with welfare provide members with training so they can deal with certain situations and look after their members and themselves. Lifestyles of heath, postgrad and international differ and how we need to accommodate to that not isolate

What university services and facilities would you change or improve?

Freshers fair and volunteering already mentioned. Efficient use of space like room booking system which is limited at the Heath, and think practically about it.

Slogan: practically married to the su already, join my hen party and vote Henri page for VP Societies and Volunteering.

Catherine Chamberlain

Catherine Chamberlain.jpg

About you?

4th year Marine Geographer from Essex

Why are you running for this position?

Societies got me through my time at uni and everyone has volunteered without realising it so bringing the two together is very important.

What relevant experience do you have for this role?

CU Pride committee for 2 and half years, president last year, president of sexual awareness group and also president of Assassains.

Top 3 Manifesto points

1) Improve inclusion for placement and Erasmus students

2) Host a sponsorship fair for societies committees

3) Start a volunteer of the month campaign

What facilities or services would you change or improve on?

Improve use of Great Hall and make it more usable by more societies.

Slogan: Vote the Cat the Hat for VP Societies and Volunteering

Poppy Charlton

Poppy Charlton.jpg

About you?

I’m from Bristol and an English Lit 3rd. President of Acting society with 4 dogs.

Why are you running for this position?

I love the Union, but believe that there are changes that need to be made. Sports societies have wellbeing officers, so I am looking to offer further support to all societies for things like mental support to name a few.

What experience do you have that’s relevant for this role?

I have been apart of a number of societies, sport and arts. I have good knowledge of how societies work through being President.

Top 3 manifesto policies

1) Wellbeing Officers – they will be trained by using societies and facilities in the union, being trained in mental health first aid and physical first aid. They’re kind of the mother figure of a society. This will ensure that all students will have support and are safe when being part of a society.

2) Wants to convert university spaces to make them more accessible and user friendly to societies as well. For example, the university seminar rooms, making them easier to book out and make the space usable, for example tables and chairs etc.

3) Target volunteering towards societies, for example History society or course based societies, the national trust which aims towards that type of degree. This helps integrate societies and volunteering.

What university services or facilities would like to change or improve on?

Use university space better for performance based societies. Performance based societies don’t have a space that offer a good stage or lighting and often have to look elsewhere which can cost up to £800.

Slogan: Princess Poppy

Rory Wade

Rory Wade.jpg

About you?

I grew up in Cardiff, lived here all my life, I even went to the creche here as a baby. I study Politics and Religious Studies.

Why are you running for this position?

I want to be able to help smaller societies grow, and be a part of a variety of societies. I feel I have the experience and I think societies are a pivotal part of university life and create a sense of belonging.

What experience do you have that is relevant for this role?

I was social sec of Politics society in second year, giving me experience of collaborating with different societies including History, which held a 200 ticketed sold out event. I was also President of AIESEC, Global Village, working amongst other people.

Top 3 manifesto points

1) Ensuring societies are available to all, targeting postgraduates, Heath Park students etc – making it more inclusive

2) Inter-society support, holding consultancy spaces, committee members can come and discuss any problems or what they need help with.

3) Feedback – send out monthly feedback forms to ensure that I am continuing to help and do the correct things, for their experiences to be shaped by what I do for all societies.

What services or facilities would you change or improve on in the SU?

We are lucky with the services we have, in the 3 years I’ve been here I’ve seen ASSL improve. Perhaps to improve indoor sports facilities to avoid matches being cancelled due to bad weather, for example.

Slogan: Yes Wade Can – inspiration from Obama.

Elliot Badcock

Elliot Badcock.jpg

About you?

I’m from Devon and a 4th year maths student doing an MA.

Why are you running for this position?

I think that Lamorna has done such a great job but there is a lot more we can do. I am full of ideas to make societies a stronger community.

What experience do you have that will make you good for this role?

President of Comedy for over a year and have ran it for 2. I also run a workshop twice a week and comedy gigs twice a month. I have raised money for charity and there is also an all female gig upcoming for female based charities.

Top 3 manifesto policies

1) To create a performing arts space, specifically for performance based society. This will help make performance based societies interconnect.

2) Create a student service called the green team, it will include students who have an interest in environment. I think there’s a real interest and this is what is needed.

3) I want to encourage greater ties between different societies including the heath to create a self of community. More events together. A performance based society would benefit from a course based society.

What facilities or services would you change or improve in the SU?

I would improve the room booking system, you can only do this 3 days in advance. Streamline access to commercial venues, because this is quite a complicated process at the moment. I would also increase promotional opportunities for Cardiff students.

Slogan: Vote Badcock for student satisfaction | Blast off with Badcock

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