Gair Rhydd meets: VP Welfare and Campaigns Candidates

George Watkins

George Watkins.jpg

About you?

From Small town in Dorset, 3rd year english lit and philosophy student, been mental health officer for the last year

Why are you running for this position?

Love the chance to improve upon the work he’s done this year make the lives on students a little bit better

What experience do you have that will make good for this role?

Mental health campaigning for 5 years, mental health officer, experience running national campaigns, working as part of a team

Top 3 Manifesto points:

1) Mental health revolution- improving waiting times, eating disorder support, accessibility to services, specific support for specific conditions

2) Stamping out Sexual assault, providing specific support for victims, improving disclosure

3) Penalising letting agencies for bad services, (so much fun)

What university facilities or services do you think should be improved on or changed?

Student support can do more specific training that can be given to help demographics of students such as international students, in a way that could be better suited to them.

Slogan: Even if you prefer another candidate, please put him as 2nd preference

Amr Alwishah


About you?

International student from Jordan, studying Mech Engineering, final year student loves Cardiff, wants to stay for another year, and be VP.

Why are you running for this position?

I wasn’t aware of the services provided, but once I started engaging in the SU- student mentor, senator, Student rep, I really realised how good the services were and I want to take thesis things further and help boost student engagement.

What experience do you have that will make you good for this role?

I was a student mentor, where I listened to them and directed them to the right help. Mentor consultant, student rep, senator. Listened to what students wanted and brought that to the staff. I want to put student needs forward to give students a voice speak week- heard all of the student suggestions, learnt from this and put these things in your manifesto

Top 3 Manifesto points

1) Mental Health services for all- student advisors at all times, in all schools, during exams, advisor at night time in the SU

2) Extenuating circumstances- especially mental health diversity and- equal opportunities, mature students, gender neutral toilets, multi-faith prayer rooms, review of facilities for disabled students

3) Housing for all, letting agency approved scheme, expand on the current VP welfare work. wants to see if we can cut agency fees too.

What university facilities would you like to change or improve on?

Student Advice, mental health issues during exams, advisor at night. Better timetable for exams, less intense, more spread out. Take advantage of the facilities we have in the SU. Expand C-card scheme, and sexual health Campaigns part is very important- have bigger and better campaigns, demonstrations, diversity, healthy eating, mental health campaigns.

Slogan or something recognisable:

The campus is an engine, and as an engineer, he is here to fix it. “for the benefit of all, vote Amr for all.”

Jane Hobbs

Jane Hobbs.jpg

About you?

English literature, third year student

Why are you running for this position?

2-year volunteer for student advice, really passionate about welfare and really passionate about that, more than my degree

What experience do you have that will make you good for this role?

Student advice exec for past two years, really valuable resource and through this become more aware of the issues student face time and time again. Run a well-being sub-committee and make sure everyone’s needs are being met. Helping to set up a new student led service about housing.

Top 3 points from manifesto

1) Offer more support for first year students

2) Educate and inform all students on housing matters

3) Increase awareness of the support options that are already on offer and improve those that need improving

What university services and facilities would you improve or change?

Waiting times for counselling and well-being and improve reach of student led services bringing C Card to Talybont. More pastoral care training for personal tutors, need to be held more accountable than they already are.

Slogan: Hobbs the builder

Lauren Boys

Lauren Boys.jpg

About you?

Study politics and sociology running for welfare and campaigns

Why are you running for this position?

Since I’ve been engaged in the SU I’ve seen the services that we have and want to make the services even better so they help others, and not many people know about them.

What experience do you have that’s relevant for this role?

I was a member of give it a go exec committee, used some of the mental health services and I understand what they’re like and if there is room for improvement.

Top 3)

1) Create housing charter through SU, safe accommodation for students

2) Student welfare officer in every society so all have point of contact with students in social life as main mental health services can be intimidating

3) Work with campaign officers to develop their skills, one to one meetings with them and engage with all students and see how this can be better

What university facilities or services would improve or change?

I want to work with student advice and expand work they do with housing already and get more students engaged with work they do for housing. Not a lot of people know they can get their contracts checked for free with student advice, let students know they have more rights with housing. Need to do more than go round first year residences to engage every student

Slogan: Hamilauren, leading the revolution for students’ welfare

Thomas Bermudez

Thomas Bermudez.jpg

About you?

From Argentina lived in Miami, Spain and been in Cardiff since first Politics and international relations 3rd year

Why are you running?

Had experience with student mental health in Cardiff, co-ordinator of night line and given me opportunity to see and understand situation of mental health in Cardiff and really wanted to do something to improve welfare of students in Cardiff uni. Uni could still improve on a lot, people wait 6 months for appointment at mental centre and people walking home in dark unsafe

What relevant experience do you have for this role?

Ex co Ordinator of Cardiff nightline, manage a team of people to make sure people always have someone to talk to and help to understand mental health in Cardiff. Public face officer running publicity for them which gives him opportunity to talk about mental health. Worked in su staff venues team, night club shifts team work skills making sure things don’t go astray and politics student adds to it all because helps me understand governance and be more effective how to go about things. Work very well with future campaign officers to make sure everyone feels included.

Top 3 Manifesto points

1) Focus on awareness

a. Awareness campaigns concerning mental health, sexual assault and abuse. Increasing walk in appointments.

2) Inclusivity

a. Make sure events multi-cultural societies are put on and attended

3) Safety

a. Supporting safe walk scheme making sure students get home at night, pushing forward project of student night bus and give it a final push and make sure focus is there and will greatly improve safety of students

What facilities or services would you improve in the university?

Focus on services mostly. Making sure students know about student led services like nightline and minds. Welfare projects and SHAG and C Card and also work on services like night bus and getting new ones introduced like night bus. Make sure everything works well

Slogan: No one should feel alone at uni- challenges I address in manifesto can result in making people feel like they have no one to talk to and want people to know there is someone there if they are in a bad state of mind.

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