Georgia on my mind: will the have the first black, female governor?

Democrat Abrams will make history if she wins. Source: Thomas Cizauskas

By Hannah Priest

The US midterm elections are on the horizon and there is one state in particular that is grabbing the public’s attention: the conservative safe haven of Georgia. As the incumbent Republican governor Nathan Deal has reached his term limit, the race was opened up to other Republican nominees and the eventual primary winner, Brian Kemp, will be running against, Stacey Abrams, the Democrat candidate. Whilst the candidates have opposing views on almost every political issue, the bulk of the media focus has been on Stacey Abrams given that, if her campaign is successful, she will make history as the first black female governor.

As the midterm campaigns began, it was made clear that there is a stark difference in political strategies, with many arguing that Kemp and Abrams are prime examples of the opposing approaches each party takes.

Kemp has also been sued by civil rights groups due to alleged voter suppression. After 53,000 citizens who had registered to vote had their registration delayed or denied because of extremely minor mistakes in the enrollment process, some commentators began to believe that this was a strategic move on behalf of Kemp as over 70% of the restricted voters were of ethnic origin. With a strong majority of ethnic minority voters traditionally backing the Democrats, a strong turnout would no doubt be preferential towards Abrams’ campaign.

Throughout her lifetime, Abrams has co-founded a financial-services firm and setup the New Georgia Project, a social initiative that has registered thousands of disadvantaged citizens to vote, with the primary focus being on African-Americans. Abrams’ liberal views are what make her an unique candidate for the governor of Georgia as typically candidates from the Democrat party have traditionally watered down their liberal policies in order to appeal to fringe Republican voters.

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