Grangetown development moves forward despite controversy

Site of future Grangetown development
The Master Plan: Hamadryad park is where the bridge will be built should the plan proceed. Source: M J Roscoe (via Geograph)

By Zoe Kramer | Head of News

There are plans for a £60m redevelopment in Grangetown, replacing approximately 180 houses and flats with the new Channel View scheme. Some fear, however, that this move may lead to gentrification.

The plan for demolition is partially due to the fact that the block of flats has combustible cladding, the same material responsible for the Grenfell Tower fire. The reconstruction will unfortunately require residents to leave homes they have lived in for, in some cases, decades.

The council maintains that after the Grangetown development is completed residents of the area will be able to move from their old property to one of the 360 newly built properties. Consultations with the residents have been in progress since 2016.

The first phase of the plan will be the construction of 78 flats for senior residents, replacing the current tower block.

Part of the masterplan for the area involves joining up Channel View Road and South Clive Street at their southern ends. This move will be made to improve the bus network, however it will require the destruction of six houses.

Helen Brito of South Clive Street claims her house, which has been her residence for 27 years, will most likely be destroyed “so a bus can turn around”.

Other residents worry that the payment they will receive for their houses will not be sufficient to afford one of the newly built properties.

Under the plan, houses will also be demolished to make way for a path between Beecher Avenue and Ferry Road Park, essentially in order to create more green space.

According to a council spokesperson: “All South Clive Street residents were written to in September. Cardiff council has been directly consulting with residents since 2016, including five face-to-face consultation events for residents living on the Channel View estate, residents written to over 20 times, written directly to all private owners affected by the proposals to seek views, understand concerns and discuss options.”

About £9m of the budget for the Grangetown development will go towards the construction of a pedestrian bridge across the Taff from the Marl to Hamadryad Park.

Councillor Lynda Thorne said, “Channel View is a strong and vibrant community within Grangetown, but there are a number of issues with the condition of the current estate. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to not only address those issues, but to breathe new life into the wider area by creating the type of good quality homes and attractive neighbourhoods we want to see in a modern city.”


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