Hold yourself back from that shopping spree

If it's on sale, why not? Think twice before you part with your cash. Source: Rawpixel (Via Unsplash)

By Rebecca Lolli-Romanzina

With November approaching, autumn is slowly changing into winter, leaves are changing colour, the weather is getting chilly, and pumpkin patch pictures are overflowing on our Facebook newsfeeds. Additionally, passionate shoppers, and many others, are waiting for winter sales. The feeling of going into a sale and finding the item that you’ve been longing for, on a 40% discount is great.

However, along with finding items you’ve been wanting for a long time, shoppers find themselves buying things they would never usually consider, just because of the discount. I myself am also a culprit. I own pink metallic heeled boots, even though I am someone who doesn’t actually wear heels, and as a result I’ve worn them twice. But there are ways to refrain from buying clothes you don’t need during sale.

First of all, actually look in your wardrobe, and the clothes you already own and think about if you actually need anything. If all your jumpers have holes in them, by all means buy a new jumper. But buying unnecessary items has a negative impact on your wallet, the environment, and isn’t always necessary. Try and look past the sale prices too. I try and buy items I would only consider buying at their full price as well. This then cuts down on any unnecessary pieces, or items that you only like due to their cheap price.

You should also try reusing clothes. If you are tempted by a new item, try and think about how it would pair with other items in your wardrobe to create an outfit. If you’re buying a pair of shoes that will only match one pair of trousers, and one jacket (and only if they’re worn together) you’re realistically only going to wear them once or twice, and will end up buying another pair later on. Buying mostly neutral coloured pieces, and then one or two statement earrings, jacket, shoes helps you to buy fewer items.

If you’re undecided about an item, leave it, because if you wanted it enough you wouldn’t have thought twice. Remember, ‘missing out’ on an item is not the end of the world- you should be proud of yourself for saving your precious pennies.

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