Hollie’s Note

Photo credit: Cardiff Students Union

As I am sure you are aware, it is Valentine’s Day this week. However, this can be a great day for some people, but a difficult one for others. So this Tuesday we are trying to focus around being positive about yourself. We will be going around with love heart post-it notes and asking you to write one reason why you love yourself. We will then stick these up all around the reception area, celebrating the fact that self-love is the most important thing. So come find us between 11 and 4 on Tuesday in the SU reception to write your reason.

Next week is also National Student Money Week. The second semester is often the hardest for budgeting, so we have got a whole campaign week to give you some tips on how to stretch your money a little further. Keep watching the Student Advice page to get all the information. Also, don’t forget if you need any support, please visit either Student Support at 50 Park Place, or Student Advice here within the Students’ Union.

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