Hotel developments in the works across Cardiff

Possible hotel location
Queen street, which has had reduced foot traffic, may be one of the locations of a new hotel. Source: David Dixon (via Geograph)
Several contenders have submitted applications to build new hotels. Cardiff Council will decide which, if any, ultimately get built.

By Zoe Kramer | Head of News

Up until now, Windsor House on Queen Street has been an office space, but plans have been set in motion to turn it into a hotel.

The transformation will involve adding two storeys to the building with views of the city centre, and the hotel will have over 140 rooms. The retail space on the ground floor of the building would remain the same. The hotel would not include any restaurants or bars, but it will include a gymnasium.

The application has been submitted by George Capital Ltd. If approved, development would not begin, however, until the leases on office space expire, which could be as late as 2023.

Originally built in 1984, Windsor Court has a floor space of nearly 4,180 square metres. It was most recently restored in 2010. The building belongs to the Queen Street Conservation Area which includes several listed buildings.

Developers have said the hotel can alleviate the emptiness of the area since the St. Davids shopping centre was built. They said, “The surrounding area around Windsor Court has now evolved in character to include residential, leisure, hospitality, and educational uses which have filled many of the traditional office and retail voids arising from the migration of occupiers to the new prime areas.”

Windsor House is not the only hotel development which has been announced this year. In January, Easyhotel announced its 120 room development to be located in Fitzalan Place. An additional 166 room hotel has been announced at 10-25 Queen Street, in the Grade II listed building above JD Gym, Live Lounge and Superdrug.

This hotel was planned and designed by Barton Willmore and Mahavir Properties. Joe Ayoubkhani of Barton Willmore said, “Its an exciting scheme which will breathe new life into an underutilised building.

“The proposed hotel will bring additional footfall to this part of Queen Street and create a buzz which is very much required.”

This building was originally a department store until 1987 when it was converted into a shopping centre with several retailers. Like the Windsor development, this hotel plans to add an additional two storeys to the top of the building while the ground floor remains as-is. 

Some may view the jobs involved in these developments as a much-needed boost to the economy during COVID-19, while others may be less keen on the hotels attracting visitors for the foreseeable future. Regardless, the fate of these potential hotels is up to Cardiff COuncil to decide.


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