House hunting

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By Rhiannon James

Student houses have a bad reputation, but your student house doesn’t have to be dirty and dingy, in this article I will outline how to secure your perfect student house.

Deciding on a monthly budget is important, Cardiff is one of the most affordable places for students to live, therefore it is possible to get a decent house within your budget. Incorporating the added cost of bills to your budget is also a good idea to save you money stress further down the line. Respecting that everyone’s financial situations are different is crucial when deciding on a budget with your future housemates. Be clear with the letting agency what your budget is, they can then cherry-pick some of their houses that fit your budget.

House viewings are a great way to find out what your priorities are, they could be having large bedrooms, or modern bathrooms or maybe an open plan kitchen and living room to fit your social life. There will be an array of houses with all different lay outs and designs, view as many as you can and you will find the one for you.

Whilst viewing houses I recommend looking out for these issues; damp, mould and/or pest problems. If you do notice any of these in a potential house choice, bare them in mind when deciding because these aren’t problems you want to be dealing with when you move in. Asking the current tenants what they think of the house could be useful as letting agencies are always going to present the rose-tinted version of the house. The current tenants can provide you with first-hand advice on that particular house.

Additionally, location and security are also import factors to consider when deciding on a house. For some students, being close to lecture buildings or the Student’s Union is a priority when deciding on a house. Feeling safe in your surroundings is essential, your home is your safe haven. For some people sleeping in the front of the house and on the bottom floor can be unnerving, therefore if there are worries about this, maybe a top floor flat is the best option for you and your housemates.

You will be living in the house you choose for approximately one to two years, therefore you want it to be as comfortable as possible. Having a list of priorities in terms of location, lay-out and budget will narrow down your options and make it easier to decide. Good luck with the house hunting.

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