How to contain your Christmas spirit

Photographer: Anwen Williams

By Anwen Williams

It’s that time of year again. Can’t sleep, can’t eat. Your housemates cry inside when Mariah Carey’s golden creation plays for the thirtieth time and you’re neighbours are calling the police when you greet them with Christmas carols at the crack of dawn. Everyday is an emotional rollercoaster, you’ve been drinking mulled wine for the last five days, and you’re one public meltdown away from being admitted into a psych ward. It’s ok, we’ve all been there. It’s not easy but there’s a few things you can do to contain your Christmas spirit.

Firstly, tell yourself it’s not almost Christmas. There’s no amazing Christmas decoration everywhere, and you’re not going to go on Pinterest and look at 500 ways you can make Christmas decorations. Remind yourself that winter wonderland isn’t just a brief walk away and you can’t smell the Christmas markets from your house. Secondly, block all of those websites you keep checking every five minutes. Santa tracker, – all of them. They’ve got to go. Thirdly, take off the suit. The beard, the hat, all of it. We know you don’t want to but when you’ve been wearing it for three months people can smell your Christmas spirit form the back of Tesco.

Channel your energy in to something useful. The time you spend spreading love and joy could be spent on something more useful. Write a book or run a marathon. The more energy you burn the easier it will be to contain your Christmas spirit. We know you’re enjoying building that sleigh, but think about the time and the resources you’re using. You don’t want to be in any more debt and you don’t want the RSPCA knocking at your door again because your dog is tied to a sleigh and he doesn’t want to fly.

Christmas is just around the corner so try to stay strong. In less than six weeks you’ll have your life back. Remember what you have to look forward to before you spiral out of control again. Good luck guys, and have a good one.

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