How to deal with a hangover

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Lydia Caunce

For most a Thursday can be seen as quite a struggle. One too many VKs and a late night on a Wednesday is a student’s kryptonite, however this isn’t something that needs to ruin the day after the night before. If you don’t waste the day following a few of these tips may help you on your road to recovery.

Whilst after a night out the last thing you want to be doing is pouring yourself a glass of water, you will surely thank yourself in the morning. Having a glass of water by your side to down as you wake up will instantly make you feel better, and start to slowly cure the raging headache that’s beginning to take over your life. It’s simple, cheap, and effective so there’s no excuse not to, and you’re already waking up with a fighting chance of making it to your lectures.

Another way to help this is by making sure you get up at a reasonable hour. Waking up at 1pm is already a bad start. If you make a conscious effort to wake up and get going with your day you’ll start to feel better before you know it. Productivity is key. Lying in bed may sound like a great option, but you’re not going to thank yourself a few hours later. Get up out of bed, even if it is just to move to the couch for a while. This is the most important step as without it you’ll never be able to complete the other steps.

Once you’ve gotten yourself out of bed, make sure you have shower. Having a shower is an underrated step. Whilst this does sound like a simple task, we’ve all fallen victim to festering away in bed after a heavy night out. A hot shower is the best cure and will wash away the sins of the night before- sadly it will not reimburse your bank account.

Always eat a hearty breakfast and have a good strong coffee. It will start to settle the stomach, or sober you up if you had a really wild night, and is generally a good way to start a day anyway. A full English in Cafe 37 is something no one can resist, however it is always possible to cook yourself a healthier equivalent. Either way, make sure you eat and start your day the right way.

Something that nobody wants to hear is ‘going to the gym will help’, but it does. Sweating out all the alcohol is something that you will feel significantly better for afterwards, and is a brilliant way to be productive if you’ve been blessed with having the day off uni. Getting out of the house and getting some much needed fresh air is always going to help, and even if you don’t really want to do it, you will thank yourself later. If the gym just isn’t for you, or you’re still on shaky grounds about whether or not you’ll throw up, maybe just go for a walk instead. With places like Bute and Roath around the corner, going for a stroll may be the best bet.

While a hangover isn’t ideal, just remember it isn’t the end of the world. It’s something as students most of us deal with and complaining the whole day that you’re ‘so hungover’ is going to get you nowhere. So suck it up, and get on with the day. If the worst comes to the worst hair of the dog may be the only answer.

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