How to deal with homesickness

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By Sanya Arora

Homesickness – also known as the state of mind which every student experiences in January. From all the pampering to the yummy home cooked food, to not having to lift a finger and constantly being surrounded by people who love you – you don’t feel like coming back to hostel life. Just when you think that you are finally adjusting in university and enjoying living on your own, you go back home during the December break and return in January feeling awful. Whether you are missing your parents, best friend, dog or all three, it is never easy. However, it is not the end of the world – there are plenty of ways to make you feel better.

  1. Video call! Whether it is Skype, Facebook or WhatsApp, video calling could not be easier. Fix a mutually convenient time with your family and friends and speak your heart out. It’s almost as good as meeting face to face.

  2. Make plans with your university friends to go out, or even better, go out alone and spend time with yourself. There’s nothing like ordering a coffee and enjoying the solitude. This is probably something that you would never do at home, so make the most of your time now.

  3. Develop a hobby. It could be writing, playing a sport, reading… the list is endless. Doing something which you love is a great way to distract yourself.

  4. Go the library and study. While that may the last thing which you feel like doing, remember that the reason why you are living away from home is to get a degree.

  5. Take a break from social media. It’s hard enough to be away from your family and friends, but when you see pictures of last night’s party or a video of the crazy dance your sister did at a family function, it makes it even worse. Stay connected with them, but not through Facebook or Instagram.

  6. Try local food. While there is no food like home food, it’s nice to get acquainted to a different type of cuisine.

  7. Exercise. It’s extremely important to stay fit. It also makes you a happier person.

  8. Make a routine. You probably follow one when you are back home, so there is no harm in making one at university too. According to research, those who feel that they are in control suffer from less homesick stress.

Finally, remember that this too shall pass! It won’t be long till you are done with your degree and can head back home. Till then, make the most of your time.

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