How to decorate a student room on a budget

Students may find it difficult to decorate bedrooms, but there some simple and effective ways to make your room feel homely on a budget.
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Decorating a student room on a student budget is a lot easier than it may first seem. Here are two contributors discussing their tips on how to make the most out of decorating, whether you are a first year or a third year.

By Megan Shinner | Contributor

Arriving in your university accommodation can be a daunting experience. Decorating on the other hand, seems much more fun!

You may, however, feel a little lost in how to brighten up those pin boards or what to fill your shelves with. Whether you’re shopping on a budget or are unsure of where to find the right things for you, there’s always somewhere that’ll never be too hard to find, especially in Cardiff.

Your university accommodation is your home away from home, so why don’t you bring pieces of home with you? Your favourite blanket, pillows, fairy lights, coffee mug (or tea, whatever your preference!). Sometimes it’s the little things that can comfort us the most, especially at the beginning of a big chapter in your life.

Alongside this, our sources of happiness often come from our memories with our favourite people. For any pictures you have, Free Prints offers 45 free images per month with a small delivery charge in which they can deliver straight to your accommodation. Cheap, easy and colourful pin boards.

To fill those empty shelves, you could bring books you enjoy and reed diffusers, both typical household items. Therefore, not only have you got books to enjoy and your room will smell amazing, a sense of home will always be there and the process of moving will seem much more natural. One thing that you may find different from being at home is lack of space. You’ve gone from a whole house to 1 bedroom. Luckily, places like ASDA, The Range and Wilko sell affordable under bed storage boxes so that you can maximise your space.

If you’re also struggling to decide on what things are essential that you wouldn’t have had to think about at home, like kitchen crockery, Wilko also has compiled sets of everything you’ll need, specifically to help students like yourself, at a reduced price, which is a huge bonus! The possibilities are endless for your new bedroom but I hope this gave you a few ideas and a peace of mind that you really can make your new room your new home.


By Bethan Gilson | Contributor

One of the most exciting parts about moving away from home is getting to decorate your own space. Here are my three top tips for creating a dreamy room:

Choose a nice duvet cover:

If you’re living in halls, it’s likely that you’re going to be working with pretty limited space. So, one area you can focus your design efforts on is choosing a nice duvet cover. There are lots of lovely, inexpensive options out there to choose from, with most high street shops offering an affordable homeware section – Primark have a great selection! When you first move in, your room can feel quite clinical and impersonal, so the duvet cover is a great opportunity to add a pop of colour or pretty pattern to your room and gives it more of a personal feel. You can also add some pillows and a throw or blanket for ultimate cosy vibes.


Hang up pictures of friends and family:

Your room usually comes fit with a noticeboard on the wall and a great way to utilise this is to create a collage of pictures with friends and family. This is another good way to really personalise your space and can help to make the room feel homely during inevitable bouts of homesickness when you first move away. There are lots of photo printing services available online, with some giving the option to print in a polaroid-like style. If you’re on a budget, sometimes photo-printing businesses do introductory offers where you can get a certain amount of prints for free – so look out for those! You can level up your noticeboard accessorising by backing the noticeboard with a patterned wallpaper or wrapping paper before you pin the pictures, to give it an alternative background to the standard cork.


Use fairy lights:

When it comes to the task of making your room cosy, fairy lights are your best friend! They are a simple but effective way of creating a homely, warm environment that you can relax and unwind in. Dependent on your budget and style preferences, you can get different sizes and styles. There’s a reason Pinterest bedroom inspiration boards are plastered with them – they just make every space look super pretty and inviting.


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