How to do an alcohol or clubbing-free Freshers’

So, you’re off to university for Freshers’ Week but clubbing isn’t really your thing? Maybe you don’t like alcohol or can’t drink it for some reason? The pressure to fit in can sometimes put stress on students before the real work has even begun.

Just remember that Freshers’ Week is about meeting new people, making new friends and having as much fun as possible. That doesn’t mean you have to drink.

Lots of people describe the feeling of being ‘drunk on life’, meaning that they only need the right company to have a good time. As cliché as it sounds, I have experienced this phenomenon. Once I was unable to drink at a house party due to being heavily medicated with antibiotics. I knew I had to go to the party as it would be the last time I’d see my friends before they left Cardiff for the summer. I was initially annoyed about not being able to drink, but looking back, it was one of the best nights I’d had in a long time!

So don’t let people push you into something you are not comfortable doing. They are not worth knowing if they don’t respect you and your life choices.

However, if you are a person who cares a great deal about what others think you may want to look like your drinking a lot when in actual fact you are not.

My advice would be to tell people you are drinking a spirit and mixer combination, just don’t add the spirit! Alternatively, drink out of cans so people cannot see how much you are drinking. Trust me, as long as you have a cup or a can in your hand, nobody will care.

As for a dislike of clubbing? If you’ve never tried it before, I would advise taking a trip to your SU nightclub, ‘Y Plas’ to try it out. It will be full of students only, is a shorter distance from halls than town so if you decide it’s not for you there is always the Taf pub across the corridor.

If clubbing is a big no-no for you, you could also encourage your flatmates to do things in the day with you instead; you could go for food, take a walk around town or even stay in and play board games or card games if the weather is bad. As long as you’re socialising, you are guaranteed to make friends!

During the week, try and seek out like-minded people who would rather go to a pub than a club and arrange to meet them in the evenings. One of my friends joined a Facebook group, through which she has met plenty of people who share her hatred of nightclubs.

It is also likely that there will be a society at the Freshers’ Fair dedicated to alternative nights out to clubbing so make sure you attend to find out.

There are plenty of other things to do in Cardiff by night that doesn’t involve late-night partying. Why not go and see the latest blockbuster movie in the cinema or maybe a production at one of Cardiff’s many theatres?

Keep an eye out for pubs advertising quiz or karaoke nights as they are always good fun.

If you fancy a quiet night in instead, why not invite your new friends over and order a takeaway? Do what you want, not what you feel you have to do to fit in. What’s the fun in forcing yourself to like clubbing? Make Freshers’ memorable for the right reasons for you!

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