How to keep up to date with work through strike action

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As of the 22nd of February, university staff from higher education institutions across the UK begin a month-long strike. The nationwide strike is over changes to the USS (Universities Superannuation Scheme), which will leave lecturers thousands of pounds worse off in retirement income. Universities have tried their hardest to minimise impact of the strike action on it’s students, however, inevitably, students face the repercussions, with a significant loss of teaching hours over the span of the 14 day strike. Amidst the disruption, here are some ways you can make sure you keep on top of your work as the strike action ensues:

Create a timetable

With cancellation of lectures and seminars, you most likely now have a significant increase in non-contact hours in your day, and as I’m sure we all know, it’s easy to fall into a trap of time-wasting and procrastination. Yikes. Thus, to ensure productivity, make sure you stay organised! Whether it’s curating a new timetable adapted to your “new” working times, or creating day-to-day to do lists – find ways to keep yourself in check, and make sure you are keeping up to date with readings and assignments for all your modules.

Go to the library

Studying at home is absolute bliss. You get to wake up. Have breakfast at your own pace. Have coffee. Hang out in sweats all day, in the comfort of your home. That is, until it reaches 5pm… and realise you have gotten 0 done during the day, and on top of that, you’re still none the wiser about marxism or post modernisation. With exams coming up, and even more so with the ongoing UCU strike, its important now more than ever to be focussed, which is where the library comes in. Quiet. Surrounded by books and learning materials. Less distractions. What better place to keep up to date with work? Also, I find that when I’m in the library i see how hard other people are working, so i become more motivated to work hard as well! Thus, it’s always a good idea to head down to the library for a few hours, perhaps at times when you would have had uni, and get some good work done. However, as may benefits as the library has, its not for everyone, and what’s most important is that you find a place where YOU can concentrate whilst enjoying your studies.

Re- Watch Lecture recordings and re-take notes

Studies show that if you note something down, you are more likely to remember it, as opposed to typing it out. If you need to catch up on work from previous weeks, or keep up to date with everything, you could rewatch lecture recordings. In survey, 94% success rate of students had their learning enhanced by using lecture recordings – showing that it’s a great way to revise. Log on to learning central and watch lecture recordings, but this time, instead of typing up the notes, grab a pen and paper and note it down. This way, when it comes to exams, you are more likely to remember concepts that lecturers have talked about. Also, you are more likely to understand things when you write them down, so it’s a win win situation!

Do not panic

University is already stressful enough, and strike action can definitely make it even more stressful – especially if you’re in your 3rd year on the verge of exams. But don’t panic! Take a few deep breaths and start tackling one thing at a time. Start from the top and work your way through. You’ll get back on track in no time.

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