How to make the most of your time at university

Making the most of your time at university
With everything on offer this year, it’s important to make the most of your time at University. Source: nastya_gepp (via Pixabay)
Everything you can do to keep yourself happy, healthy and productive this year

By Umaima Arif | Contributor

University can be a wonderful time full of opportunities and experiences you may not come across again – whether it be studying towards that degree you’ve always dreamed of to volunteering for causes you care deeply about. So here are list of ways you can make the most of university life, especially the first few weeks!

Take advantage of everything provided by the University

From different student societies to career fairs, university is a prime place to explore and discover new ways for you to build your experience, supplement your education and improve your life.

Try out new things – extracurriculars and sports you may be interested in, as well as “taster” events for activities you might not be sure about. This will also help you get more comfortable with the environment and connect with new people! The Cardiff Student Union offers a variety of societies, employment opportunities, support services and student spaces for this.

Explore the city

Get acquainted with the city where you’ll be studying and surrounding areas – beyond just knowing where the essential grocery stores and GP surgeries are, there may be natural resorts, parks, and malls that could suit your interests. Even if you can’t get out much due to your studies or other commitments, it can help to explore the areas around your living space and get comfortable with where you’ll be spending a lot of your time.

Remember to pace yourself as you ease back into student life

While it’s recommended that you make the most of this time to try new things, connect with new people and adjust to this new era of your life, it is also important to remember that this is not a race, and different people might adjust to it in different ways. Don’t dwell too terribly if you feel you’re not getting the same experience as your friends or others around you, or that you feel you have not been able to do as much as you had hoped – look for possible ways to spread your activities, studies and other commitments out over organized spans of time.

Prepare to participate in in-person lectures and seminars

It’s easy to get caught up in extra-curricular activities and personal life – however, it is important to remember that your studies are one of your top priorities. Find flexible ways to effectively study, complete assignments, and prepare for exams/class activities alongside your other responsibilities.

Actively participating in lessons and learning gradually tends to beat leaving all of the studying to the final week before exams!

Find out where to look and who to ask if you need help

No life is without issues, which is why it’s important to know who to turn to when in need. Cardiff University’s student support and wellbeing services wish to help you make the most of your student life – from support for funding and bursaries to disabilities and mental health. Furthermore, it is efficient to be able to identify support networks and trusted people you can lean on, whether they be friends and family, personal tutors, peer mentors, therapists, or others.

Student mentors are also a good first point of contact if you need help as many will be able to sign-post you in the right direction.

Make the most of your holidays and weekend breaks

While it’s good to take a break and spend time with family/oneself, one can also utilize the holidays for research, internships, volunteering and more opportunities both within the university and abroad in global programs. It can help expand your perspective and experience alongside skills you may need for your future career (as well as general life).

These tips cover the basics of how to make the most of your time at university – however, don’t let that stop you from searching for more ways to make your time the best it can possibly be. Perhaps most important of all is to take care of yourself, and be sure to ask for help if or when you need it.


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