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How to make your loan last longer

By Abi Dudbridge.

Feeling the pinch since returning back to Uni? The first term may seem impossible when trying to save money, as the temptation of nights out and takeaways are at an all-time high.

The sense of joy when your student loan drops into your account can last longer however. Here are some small tips on how to cut back costs, to save you from depending on handouts from your family.

Ditch the takeaway coffees! A caffeine obsession can be expensive, and regular coffees on the go can make a significant dent in your wallet. Instead, buy a reusable cup and make your own drink before leaving the house. This way, you’re both saving your money and helping the environment – result!

Buy loose fruit and veg! Buying pre-packed fruit and veg can be expensive, and usually only available in large quantities. If you’re like me and can’t get through a kilo of carrots in a couple of days before they go off, try buying loose veg. By doing so, you’d also be cutting back on unnecessary plastic and food waste.

Visit the supermarket in the evening! From working in a supermarket myself, I know that large reductions can be made on products at the end of their shelf life near the stores closing time (around 8pm depending on the store), therefore you could bag yourself a serious bargain. You can freeze the products you don’t eat (as long as it’s safe to do so) and save them for another day.

Cut back on Takeaways! Indulging in a Takeaway and food delivered to your door is a real treat, however if done regularly, can equal extortionate amounts.

Therefore, if you’re a fast food fanatic, try only ordering food on special occasion; Fridays, birthdays, deadline days. This way, getting a takeaway will be less of a stress on your wallet, and more of an enjoyable meal without the sense of regret.

Walk instead of using public transport (wherever possible)! The temptation of getting the train to Uni is a daily struggle, however Cardiff really isn’t a large city. From Cathays to anywhere in the City Centre, the walk will rarely reach over half an hour. Therefore, walking to your destination instead of using the train can save you a lot of money. Again, the tickets may be cheap, but if done regularly can cost you unnecessary amounts.

Walking to Uni in the morning can also help to wake you up, and get your mind ready for the day of studying.

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