How to stick to your new years resolutions

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As January has now drawn to a close, it can start to be difficult to keep up those new years resolutions that you’ve set for yourself, With the exam period finally over and term beginning again it may be difficult to find a place for these resolutions in your everyday life however, with these few tips, and determination, it may be easier than you think to stick to the goals you’ve set yourself.

Whilst we all would like it to be easy to make drastic changes in our lives, this is something we just have to accept is just not attainable overnight. The idea of creating complex resolutions that will take a lot of time and effort is something that, whilst ideal, is not realistic. Starting with something small and simple that you are able to keep for a whole year is far better than falling into something you are just not ready for. For example, if this is the year you’re planning to get more active and fit, an original resolution I know, then you could start by setting the goal of going to the gym once a week. Whilst this may seem small it is better than ploughing straight in to going to the gym every single day, as you’re only going to frustrate and let yourself down. Setting your goals to something simple doesn’t mean that you can’t aim to over achieve, it just means that you won’t have the same sense of disappointment, or the desire to give up completely, if you aren’t able to dedicate large amounts of time to your resolutions. Lets be honest as students we’re just not able to.

If you have already failed at your resolutions, it’s not something to be downhearted about. This just gives you something to work on and continue to try and achieve as much as possible. Whilst it may not be ideal, it isn’t the end of the world. When these resolutions are set you have no idea what lies ahead in the new year, and what you may think is a doable for you, just might not be what life has planned for you. Sticking to your new years resolutions doesn’t have to mean that week in, week out you religiously follow them down to a T. Take the pressure off and you’ll find it easier to stick to them than if you constantly panic about them.

If the resolutions you set yourself at the beginning of January are already a mistake, then the best thing to do is just have a do-over. I promise, no one will judge. Who says you can’t start your resolutions whenever you want anyway? If changing your goals is what’s best for you then it’s time to accept it and move on. Make the most of 2018 in whatever way you can.

Whilst new years resolutions are a great way to start the year and help you to achieve something that you weren’t able to the year before, just remember that short, simple and sweet is the way to success, and don’t beat yourself up if you can’t always stick to them. Whilst ‘new year, new me’ is a sentiment I am sure we’ve all felt, or tried to achieve, at some point we learn the ticket to success is changing small subtle things in our lives instead. Following these few simple tips should make sticking to those resolutions should be easy as pie!

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