How to survive the Cardiff winter to come

By Steph Rowe

When the beast from the east hit Cardiff last winter, all hell broke loose amongst us students. The shops ran out of meal deals, the uni buildings closed their doors and everyone was having issues with their heating! Here are a few tips to help you survive another snowpocalypse, so the cold doesn’t come to frost-bite you in the bum!

Firstly, I would definitely invest in a warm, waterproof coat and some practical footwear. I know that the first sign of snow will make you want to go out and play, but don’t underestimate how cold your feet will get in your old pair of converse and trainer socks! When the forecast begins to predict snow, either splash the cash on a new coat, or ring your parents to send you your old pair of wellingtons and a big warm puffer jacket. Layers are also a must. Wear multiple pairs of socks, leggings and jumpers! If you’re planning a night out, ditch your minidress for something more weather appropriate and be prepared to pay for cloakroom.

My second piece of advice would be not to make fun of your housemates for panic-buying bread from Lidl. When the snow hit, it didn’t take long before the shops all ran out of the essentials. I’m not saying you should spend your student loan on bread and milk, but I would definitely recommend buying a week or two’s worth just in case.

Not only should you keep an eye on whether you have enough food to survive, I would also keep an eye on your student emails as there is no need to brave the blizzard if lectures are cancelled. Many lecturers have to commute into Cardiff, and if the snow disrupts public transport, it may be that they can’t come in to teach us (what a shame).

Also buy loads of blankets, as we are all aware that the radiators in student housing can sometimes be a little temperamental. Therefore, if your room is a little chilly at night, make sure you have layers of blankets to keep you warm! Layers are your friends during the cold months, so I don’t mean to sound like your mum but make sure you keep wrapped up.

My last piece of advice would be to have fun. This weather only comes very rarely in Cardiff, so if it does snow this year, make the most of it.

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