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IMG Rugby at Cardiff University

Image source: Phystory Rugby via Instagram
IMG Rugby is just as fun off the field as it is on the field

By Jack Vavasour

This season the Cardiff University Rugby Club enter into their first season as a BUCS Super Rugby side, this can only mean one thing for rugby at Cardiff-it’s going to get better.

The standard of players arriving will be improving. For IMG rugby this can be seen as a huge positive as the number of players wanting to participate in rugby competitions will also be on the up. IMG (Intra-Mural Games) is competed between the schools and societies at Cardiff University.

The IMG league at Cardiff University is often a very high standard with many of the players having played at some of the highest levels. The competition has become fierce, with last year the league going down to the final day to determine a champion.

There are currently nine societies involved putting out a total of 10 teams. CARBS, winner of Society of the Year last year, are the biggest society with the ability to put out two teams on a weekly basis. Phystory, last year’s league champions, and GymGym are arguably the leagues three most competitive teams and consistently put out the same starting fifteens on a regular basis.

Other teams sometimes struggle with numbers, sometimes putting strain on the league, however, last year, especially as the weather improved later in the year, it was a common sight to see huge amounts of supporters flooding down to Blackweir to support their friends and own societies.

The atmosphere on a Wednesday afternoon is electric and the matches exhilarating. Next year, with the improvement of Cardiff University into Super Rugby, we hope to see an improvement as well on the IMG circuit with numbers improving and the standard continuing to rise.

That said, last year CARBS played, and beat, LSE at Cardiff Arms Park, again in front of a relatively large crowd.

Matches take place on Wednesdays at the Blackweir pitches. Scrums are uncontested to keep the league safe and this often creates better and more, free flowing matches which are allowed to focus on attacking rugby.

To get involved you should look for posters in your respective subject buildings, look on Facebook and, with certain societies, at the Freshers’ Fayre on 24th September.

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