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Inner Child Day

As students, leaving home for the first time and branching out year on year at University, we begin to feel the pressures of adulthood, yet that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten how to be children. The university reminds us of this when they host an event like Inner Child day as they did this past Tuesday. Some students walked through, ignored the elephant in the room, grabbed a handful of free sweets and took a seat in Y Plas to get on with their studies or to eat lunch in their break between lectures. I’m not kidding, there was quite literally an elephant in the room, or at least a student in an elephant suit. Many students saw the bouncy castle and inflatable bungee run as an opportunity to cut loose. everyone was intrigued by the new inflatable additions to Y Plas but those who had the courage to give it a go in front of their fellow students were the real heroes and as a bonus could skip gym that night because they definitely burnt some calories on that bungee run. For those whose inner child isn’t as adventurous as others’ there was an array of board games around, but I warn you giant connect4 can get just as viciously competitive as the bungee run. Some students turned up just to have a comforting chat with student minds and find out about their support groups, which is just as important for destressing. The biggest success of the event was a small table in the middle of Y Plas, the centre of the surrounding inflatable action, the colouring table. Many hours vanished away at this table and I’m sure plenty of students felt immensely relaxed after visiting. I think I can speak for everyone when I say this event was a grand success.

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