Interview with Gregory Stafford: Conservative Cardiff Central candidate

Gregory Stafford with Boris Johnson (Source: Twitter)

By Conor Holohan

Gregory Stafford, the Conservative candidate for Cardiff Central, has been a councillor for Hanger Hill in London. Unfortunately, we asked Gregory a few questions, andAndrew RT Davies, leader of the Welsh Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly, also offered us some reasons to vote Conservative in this election.

What would a Conservative government do for students, like those in Cardiff University?

With ever increasing numbers of young adults attending University and moving into the workforce we need primarily to ensure that we have a strong global economy. With Theresa Mays team leading negotiations to Leave the EU we have to focus on the Global opportunities we have been presented with.

We can now freely organise our own trade deals and ensure that current students and future students all have the opportunities to reach their pinnacle rather that the glass ceiling of the restricted European Union.

The Conservatives will continue to ensure that Britain maintains its global presence providing opportunities for all in Science, Engineering, Law, the Arts and Finance to name a few. A Britain that will work with our neighbours but ensure that our priorities are focused on here at home.

Do you think Jo Stephens is right to try and stop Brexit?

Most of us acknowledge that the majority of the British public voted in the largest ever democratic exercise in a generation for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.

There were a small number of individuals including Jo Stevens who aligned herself with other Party’s such as the Lib Dems that opted not to recognise the democratic freedoms that generations before us have fought and died for. There are repeated suggestions that Cardiff Central voted heavily for the Remain campaign but a large proportion of the constituency voted to leave with the rest of the country.

Remain supporters demand that they have their views represented, at the moment it is wrong that the Leave voters in Cardiff Central have been ignored by their former MP.

What do you think a Labour government would do for/to students?

Corbyn has freely and openly informed us all of his unromantic vision of Tax and Spend.

Some of the electorate will believe Labours idea of a ‘Magic Money Tree’, others will realise that if you place more burden on wealth creators, those wealth creators will not be around for long and they’ll generate wealth and more importantly jobs in other parts of the world.

Labours Tax and spend will drive down aspiration and in a generation rather than going to University potential students of the future would question ‘Why am I spending my time becoming a fully qualified nurse, doctor or engineer if those in unskilled positions are receiving similar salaries or welfare payments?’

A vote Jo Stevens and Corbyns Labour will devastate the Welsh and British economy.

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