Interview with Mohammed Sarul-Islam: UKIP candidate, Cardiff Central

By Maria Mellor

Mohammed Sarul-Islam picked up the phone to Gair Rhydd with a jovial hello whilst out on the campaign trail. Having worked in local politics for over a decade, he has decided to make the move to speaking for his constituency on a national scale. Mohammed believes he is prepared for the challenge: “I was a leading Brexit campaigner from the BAME community in Wales.”

He told Gair Rhydd how he has also been an active campaigner for a number of issues in the Cardiff area including free school meals for Cardiff Muslim children.

Mohammed used to be a councillor for Plaid Cymru, however he defected to UKIP in 2014, at the time citing his disagreement with Plaid’s coalition with Labour in the Welsh Assembly as the main reason.

When asked why he chose to run as a candidate for UKIP, Mohammed said “To make a difference.

“I am a strong eurosceptic and I believe that every nation has the right to defend their border.”

He believes that Brexit will give both Wales and the UK a greater voice in the world without EU interference.”

He said: “At the moment every pound we send to the EU, we only get 50p back. Wales will have more opportunities to be a successful nation in the coming world.”

Mohammed talked about UKIP’s part to proceed the UK’s departure from the European Union.

He said: “There is no visa requirement for EU nations. This is their destination and I strongly believe we should have a border, we should defend our border and we should work closely with commonwealth communities in the wider world. Much business is done with outside the EU.”

He added: “Without UKIP we wouldn’t have any Brexit therefore UKIP need to work even harder to implement the Brexit.”

A big part of Mohammed Sarul-Islam’s campaign is his idea or a deradicalisation program for Muslim children in Cardiff.

He said: “I want to bring forward the deradicalisation program for Cardiff children. I want to do more for my local community. The current preventative system is completely and totally wrong and is using public money.”

There has been a huge increase in referrals to the current UK deradicalisation scheme in recent years.

The 2017 UKIP manifesto has called for a ban on full face veils, stating that people can be better identified on CCTV as a part of counter-terrorist measures. It is additionally stated that it will prevent vitamin D deficiency.

As Cardiff Central is a student-heavy constituency, Gair Rhydd asked Mohammed Sarul-Islam why he believes students should vote for him.

He responded: “We are very supportive of student issues and we always want support for local students to get into local universities.”

He believes that his views will match those of students, stating that “as a political party we don’t support any war, we don’t support the invasion of foreign nations.”

Mohammed was eager to share how campaigning is going so far for him. He told us there are “ups and downs” but they are “optimistic”.

He added: “We are hopeful we will have a good result.”

He is sharing his beliefs with the community, saying “I’m mainly focusing on that I want to bring forward a hard brexit, a clean brexit.”

He is hoping that those in favour of Brexit will be in favour of voting for him.

“I’m trying to make a difference as the only pro-Brexit candidate for Cardiff Central.

“I ask everyone to vote for the brexit campaign candidate.”

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