Is Tinder for you?

Is Tinder worth it? Source : rawpixel (via Unsplash)

By Rebecca Hodson

Tinder is the revolving door of the ‘hotel of love’. While its aim is to let you in, unless you get out at the right time, you’ll just end up back in the cold. It’s not all explicit images, unnecessary gifs, and chat up lines from 2009, sometimes it’s engaging conversation just to be ruined by the ask of ‘Netflix and chill?’.

Don’t get me wrong, Tinder fulfils a purpose in our society, it allows us to easily talk to new people, meet people in our local areas, and can definitely be used as a confidence booster. What could compare to a Sunday night spent sending all your worst chat up lines to someone who is imagining you looking exactly like your carefully curated photos? Nothing’s quite as satisfying as being sat in your pjs, munching on biscuits, and receiving compliments from James, three miles away. However, the reality of the situation is, if darling James saw you wearing the pajamas your nan got you for Christmas with biscuit crumbs in your unwashed hair he would be running in the other direction not boosting your ego one emoji at a time. That is not to say you aren’t beautiful while eating your fourth pack of bourbons this week, but James just might not be able to appreciate that yet.

The apps ability to see who is in your local area is definitely a students dream. Various people I know who have studied abroad have used Tinder to simply find some friends. Whether it is right or wrong, after we move out from home, our generation find it easier to talk to people on a screen than it is to initiate conversation at a bar. Even for students living short distances from their home towns, being able to meet new people without the social anxiety and need to feel your liver with toxins is extremely desirable. That’s not to say the first meeting won’t fill you with dread and have you nearly cancelling three times, but it is nice to be able to run a self background check on someone before they have too much information about you.

Yet, my inner romantic finds faults in all these positives. So many people are able to find true love in a coffee shop, or while waiting in the queue for the SU, do we really need an app to help us when humans have been partnering up since evolution began? Have our social skills decreased to the level we are unable to engage in simple conversation? We know all this but still continue to swipe our evenings away instead of going out to meet new people. The facts are no one wants to find their true love on Tinder, we just don’t want to feel lonely while we wait for them to show up.

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