Abrams’ galatic monopoly

J J Abrams has been brought on board to direct Star Wars VII, Lauren Boyd expresses her opinion on the matter

Whatever you think about J. J. Abrams directing Star Wars Episode VII, at least George Lucas isn’t doing it. Even Lucas admits his dialogue is no good – Harrison Ford famously said to him “you can type this s***, George, but you sure can’t say it”. Lucas doesn’t like writing or directing anyway, he’s only interested in editing and special effects. If you let Lucas write and direct, Star Wars Episodes I-III happen.
Not only is J. J. Abrams not George Lucas (although that is a pretty good start), chances are you like him: 91% of people on Rotten Tomatoes liked the version of Star Trek he directed. He also has a history of directing other good science fiction such as Super 8 and Lost.
There are some things that can be expected from Star Wars VII. Firstly, that it won’t come out on time: Abrams’ films never do. Secondly, it will probably have a female protagonist like the TV shows Felicity, Alias and Fringe, directed by Abrams. Lastly, it should be a spectacle because Abrams loves special effects (not as much as George Lucas, but nobody likes special effects as much as George Lucas). The main risk is that it turns into Star Wars Episode VII: Attack of the Lens Flare. He tends to use lens flares in every other scene, for no discernible reason.
Abrams admitted that he wasn’t that much of a Star Trek fan – he was more interested in Star Wars. This turned out to be a good thing though, because he made a Star Trek film that could be enjoyed by most people, even those who weren’t fans of the series. I don’t like the first Star Trek series, but I certainly enjoyed Abrams’ film.
This might make him a perfect choice if he could do Star Trek without even being a fan, imagine what he could do for Star Wars. At the same time Super 8, a tribute to early Spielberg films, just isn’t as good a film as Star Trek.
Abrams will be working with the screenwriter Michael Arndt, who won an Oscar for Little Miss Sunshine as well as writing Toy Story 3. At least the dialogue won’t be awful and it shouldn’t be like the other Star Wars films which are all spectacle and no plot.
J J Abrams will probably make a decent Star Wars film. My main issue is that if he’s directing Star Wars VII, he’s not directing Star Trek III.


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