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Jailbreak: How they got to Cyprus and back

By Tom Morris

Jailbreak 2017 was yet another phenomenal success for Cardiff Volunteering, with the winning team, Yolo Partner, reaching Cyprus, and getting back in time to claim their first place! Second place was Team Lost who made it to Benidorm and back, with Team Euphoria getting the bronze for their jaunt to Mondevile, France.

Joanne from Yolo Partner told me how they did it. First I asked how they settled on THAT name, she said: “beside our parents, we’ve never beg anyone for money in our entire life, so we was thinking we should do it since we will never get this chance after university anymore, you only live once right?”

After a whip round all the bars and restaurants of Cardiff, Yolo Partner met a stag do. The merry bridegroom-to-be paid for the team to get to London’s Victoria Station, where they spent the £300 they’d raised on return tickets to Cyprus.

They had the plane tickets and they were in London- unfortunately, they weren’t in Gatwick, so they had to beg the bus drivers to let them have a free ride- rules forbid participants spending any of their own money, or the money from the charity pot, on transport- it all has to come from begging money and blagged tickets.

They made it to Cyprus at last but of course they now had to get back. The girls bought some bikinis at the airport and headed to the beach. Cyprus residents weren’t so friendly and they only raised three euro. That was until they started charging the residents to take selfies with the girls as they lounged on the beach. A kind bartender offered them a room for the night, but they declined as they had to get back to meet the deadline.

Halfway to Victoria from Gatwick, the bus tyre exploded. Quick on their feet and no time to lose, the girls tried to hitchhike but instead hopped on the Tube, which got them to Victoria in time for the Cardiff bus. They got back in the nick of time, and Joanne says “We will never forget these three days.”

Team Lost took a different tactic. Team member Lucas Romeo writes: “We actually did the opposite of what our name suggested, and were incredibly organised!” They arranged lifts and then got sponsorship from local companies like Keylet and the Vulcan. “We focused on telling people in Cardiff we were supporting a local charity, and they could gain advertisement from our video edit.”

Chris Tyrell, also of Lost, said they had planned to get to Cyprus but went for Benidorm instead: “Seeing as part of the challenge was to create the best video possible, we figured it would be better to cut the distance short, and make a quality edit.”

I asked whether Lost’s trip to Benidorm was more like the TV show Benidorm or like Lost, to which Tyrell said: “One of our challenges required us to recreate a famous movie scene, the strongest, most handsome of us (me) braved the freezing cold ocean to film a scene from Casino Royale. That’s right, it was cold. And wet, it was raining. So I gotta say, it was more like Lost than Benidorm.”

It sounds like all teams had an amazing time, and I hope to do it next year- oh, wait. If you’re in first or second year, make sure to try it next time, before it’s too late!

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