January is nearly over, but why is it so depressing?

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By Elinor Craven

Many students find January the most depressing month of the year. Our withdrawal from home comforts and our dangerously low bank balances are just a couple of the reasons why it can be a difficult time for us. January also brings the dreaded exam season, which makes it feel like a miserably long month. A lot of students feel the January blues so here’s a few tips to help you feel healthier and happier during the month.

Instead of dwelling on looming exam results, or maybe to take your mind off bad results you’ve had already, you could plan a holiday or trip away with friends or family. Planning a trip, even if it’s just to Cardiff Bay, will give you something to look forward to, and means that you’ll be spending time with friends. You may think January’s a month for staying indoors but it can also be a great time for getting involved in different sports teams and societies. If you feel a bit miserable, exercising and socialising will help lift your mood.

If being outdoors in the cold weather doesn’t appeal to you, but you still want a way of beating the January blues, then you could rearrange or decorate your bedroom. Despite there being many restrictions on what you can and cannot do in halls and student houses, a few posters and photos won’t hurt. Decorating your room will make you feel like you’ve achieved something without even leaving the house.

However, sometimes, spending time with friends and family doesn’t help all that much. If you ever feel like you need more support, the university offers some great resources and advice. 50 Park Place holds wellbeing walk-ins every week day, so there’s no need to book in advance. Members of the wellbeing team can help you with all matters, whether it be anxiety, low motivation or an issue that you don’t feel comfortable talking about with tutors. For a more in depth discussion with a counsellor, you can email to schedule an appointment. They also offer online appointments if you’d rather not attend in person.

If you’ve felt the January blues then you’re not alone; it’s very common amongst students. Hopefully, with January coming to a close, you can start to look forward to the coming months. But remember, there are ways of dealing with feeling miserable and the university has great counsellors you can talk to.

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