Johnson Appoints Dan Rosenfield as Chief of Staff

Dan Rosenfield
Dan Rosenfield's appointment follows the departure of Dominic Cummings and Lee Cain. Source: Parrot of Doom (via. WikiMedia Commons)
Dan Rosenfield has been appointed as the new No.10 Chief of Staff following the departure of Lee Cain and Dominic Cummings.

By Eva Rodericks | Contributor

Two of the Prime Minister’s closest aides; Dominic Cummings, Johnson’s chief advisor, and Lee Cain, director of communications, have left Downing Street, seemingly for good. This departure comes after a long period of tension amongst factions in the Tory party.

There has been pressure from MPs to shift senior positions in the party, with Cummings at the top of the list after he broke lockdown rules which his opponents say damaged public trust in the government. Cummings was accused of being out of touch with backbenchers and always at the centre of political conflicts. It is unclear whether Cummings and Cain resigned or were asked to leave Downing Street, but it’s no surprise they have left government as a pair after their close work together on the Brexit campaign. 

Johnson has appointed an ex-civil servant, Dan Rosenfield as his new chief of staff, employed from a London based strategic firm, Hakluyt. At Hakluyt, Rosenfield served as the global head of corporate clients but also ran the UK side of the business. 

It was speculated that a senior Conservative politician would have been appointed the role, such as Sajid David or Oliver Dowden. Rosenfield’s background is in economics, not politics, which has caused some stir in the party. Rosenfield’s rather neutral and largely private background is in stark contrast to Cummings public life and controversies. This looks like the start of Johnson’s cabinet refresh. 

After graduating from University College London in 2000, Rosenfield landed a job in the treasury. He worked there for eleven years, advising previous Labour Chancellor Alistair Darling and Conservative Chancellor George Osbourne. The former civil servant is not a member of the Conservative party and an outsider to current political circles. In fact, whilst Rosenfield speaks fondly of his work with Osbourne, the economist has shown no particular feelings towards the Conservative party, at least publicly. 

One of Rosenfield’s most interesting economic ventures includes setting the budget for the London 2012 Olympics 

Later in his economics career, Dan Rosenfield became the managing director of the bank of America. This deep insight into America’s economy is no doubt appealing to Johnson as Britain leaves the EU, and new trade opportunities with the US open up. 

Rosenfield grew up in a small Jewish community in Manchester, where he attended Manchester Grammar school. Rosenfield has expressed his Jewish identity as being very important to him, calling the synagogue his second home. He is the Chair of Jewish World Relief, a non-profit organisation that helps to tackle abject poverty in both Jewish and non-Jewish communities world-wide. Last month the relief organisation joined other charities to urge the government not to reduce the amount of money spent on overseas aid.

Rosenfield is expected to enter No.10 on December 7, and to take over from the interim chief Lord Udny-Lister on the first of January.

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