Keeping Cathays tidy in 2020

Cleaning up Cathays: Keep Cathays Tidy are working to keep Cathays cleaner for its residents. Source: Jaggery (via geograph)

By Charlotte King

Come bin day, the streets of Cathays are renowned for being littered and often a little bit grimy. However, one group of residents has been working hard to clean up Cathays on a regular basis for the past few years now.

Keep Cathays Tidy is a group which formed in 2015 and meets up once a month to litter pick the streets of Cathays. The project is formed of residents, faith groups, local councillors, local businesses and volunteers, and on the group’s website, their mission statement is “to improve the appearance and aesthetics of Cathays.”

Keep Cathays Tidy held their first litter pick of the year on February 8. Gair Rhydd recently spoke to the group to find out more about what they do for the Cathays community.

Speaking about the project, Keep Cathays Tidy stated: “Primarily it’s about community engagement by regular litter picks once a month around the Cathays area. We do a few other bespoke picks or projects [too] depending on resources and time.”

In terms of how many volunteers participate in the monthly litter picks, the group informed Gair Rhydd: “We have a hardcore of maybe a dozen we can rely on and regularly get new and different faces show up.

“Most picks are around the dozen to 15 volunteers mark.”

The volunteers express that they do what they can when they go out on their monthly litter picks, targeting the areas which are particularly dirty around Cathays. “How far we cover depends on the numbers…most people I guess give an hour to 90 minutes” of their time.

On the group’s website, they state that improving the appearance of Cathays’ streets doesn’t necessarily require everyone taking part in a mass litter pick, but rather is about everybody “taking citizenship responsibility and pride in their own respective streets.”

Sadly, the group say that sometimes, cleaning the streets of Cathays “can seem like a thankless task”, but generally, Keep Cathays Tidy express that “it’s a great feeling to put something back and part of a wider group” of volunteers.

It goes without saying that we can all do more to keep Cathays cleaner. For anybody interested in getting involved with the Keep Cathays Tidy project, the group informed Gair Rhydd that they welcome any and all volunteers, will provide all the kit necessary to take part, and meet on the second Saturday of every month.

Keep Cathays Tidy meet on the second Saturday of each month; the group is next meeting on Saturday, March 14 on Gelligaer Street at 10am as part of Spring Clean Cymru. For more information about upcoming cleans and how to get involved, find Keep Cathays Tidy on Twitter and Facebook.

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