Leaving Cardiff

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By Jess Warren

The time has come in the academic year when exam season looms, and following exams, the perhaps even more dreaded, big move out of your accommodation in Cardiff; be that university owned or Private Residences. Wherever you’re moving from, there are a few things you should consider before doing so.

When packing up your stuff, the first stage is to know how you will be transporting yourself and stuff. Are you going by car, train or plane? As this will alter the way you pack. If going by car, it’s likely you’ll be packing using boxes. If this is the case, try to distribute the weight evenly across the base of the box, and ensure that the bottom of the box is secured with a strong tape, such as duct tape to stop it from opening unexpectedly. Ideally, try and use double-walled cardboard boxes as these are the strongest. Alternatively, if you can’t find any, and the boxes feel weak to you, putting a box inside of another to double the strength will also stop the bottom from collapsing.

When packing clothes, if you want to use space more effectively, pack socks into shoes to both save space and help them keep their shape. Fold and layer clothes into the suitcase, or alternatively roll them up, and pack the rolled clothes next to each other; if done properly, rolled clothes crease less than folded ones and take up less space.

If you’re an international student, or just travelling home by plane but returning to Cardiff in September, something to look into could be self-storage units. There are a range of storage units in town, which offer different volumes of storage depending on how much you think you’ll need. Another option is shipping belongings homes instead of packing them, as long as they are not needed urgently. Alternatively, moving out could be an opportunity for a clearance of your stuff. Perhaps there are items you packed at the start of the year and haven’t used once. By packing anything unused in a separate box, and marking it up, you’ll remember not to pack it next year. This will save more space in your room next year, or instead you could donate the stuff to charity shops if you don’t want to take it home with you.

As you’re moving out for the summer, make sure to clean out the fridge and freezer thoroughly, as it’s likely you won’t be returning to that property, and it must be left in the condition it was when you moved in. This involves cleaning your room with more than a duster, and checking under your bed for any misplaced socks throughout the year, you never know, you might find a misplaced fiver!

As the end of term is often a busy one, make sure to return any books you’ve taken out of the library for revision. If, however, you are taking your own books home, make sure to pack the heavy books at the bottom of your suitcase, to stop your clothes from being creased under their weight.

Finally, packing up to go home is something that shouldn’t be put off, as leaving it until the last minute will cause a less than fun experience. Frantic packing will lead to items being forgotten. It would be best to do a little bit over a few days rather than the last day, meaning that you can enjoy your last day in Cardiff before the summer, hassle free!

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