Let’s Get Ready to Rumble! Why Ant & Dec are still national treasures

Ant and Dec have won 'top presenter' for the 16th consecutive year. (Source: youtube.)

By Kirby Evans

2017 has gotten off to a rocky start to say the least, and the news headlines are still tragic and heart-breaking. But in these troubled times, there is a dynamic duo who never fail to bring light into the lives of the British people. Since appearing on our screens in 1989 in Byker Grove, Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly have been an integral part of almost every family’s weekly viewings in one way or another, and they don’t look set to leave us any time soon.

This week alone Ant and Dec accepted 3 National Television Awards and a couple of OBEs. Making their awards haul total something around the 115 mark. One of this week’s awards was ‘Top Presenter’, a title that they are not unfamiliar with, given it was their 16th consecutive year of going home with it! Love them or (if you’re totally off your rocker) loathe them, there is no denying that this pair are national treasures as, it is, after all the public that vote in such award ceremonies, and the public have spoken: Ant and Dec have stolen our hearts once again.

To recap their career: They first appeared on our screens in 1989 on Byker Grove, although initially Anthony McPartlin’s territory (born November 1975, Declan Joseph Oliver Donnelly (born September 1975) joined him a year after Ant’s first appearance as DJ-PJ. This somehow lead to a surprisingly successful music career for the boys. They launched the first of four albums in 1993 and they all feature some truly cracking numbers. Lest we forget Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble!

Their career got off to a great start and hasn’t yet dwindled: They went on to receive their first BAFTA at age 19, and have since presented some guilty-pleasure cringe-worthy shows such as SM:TV Live, Ant and Dec unzipped, Saturday night takeaway, I’m a celeb and so much more!

As of recent years, they have definitely pushed the boundaries of pre-watershed television, all the while with a cheeky smile on their faces, radiating innocence. This combination of hilarity, purity and pure idiocy is what makes them so damn entertaining. The lads have the respect of the nation as well, which they have gained through charity work (recently they helped raise over £500,000 for the Children’s Heart Unit Fund) as well as covering very serious issues, not to mention being ambassadors for a range of charities from ChildLine to the NSPCC.

If they weren’t lovable enough already, its entertaining to know that they live just three doors down from each other, since moving out of their shared flat in London a good few years ago.

They represent a bromance, a friendship that we can relate to or at least aspire to. Ant and Dec stand up for real causes and bring a smile to thousands of faces while they do it. All that seems left for them to do now is create a show that gives us our full TV fix, incorporating themselves, Mel and Sue and maybe even throw paddy McGuinness in for good measure. Get on with it lads.

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