Letting agents

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By Anwen Williams

You can find accommodation through a letting agency or directly with a landlord. Most letting agencies will charge a letting fee, which can be anything from £20 to £150. If you find it’s over £150 you should probably look elsewhere. Some letting agencies will not charge a letting fee (such as Cardiff student letting), but letting agents will only have a certain amount of properties, so if you’re looking for a certain location – this can be unavoidable. Your letting agency should let you know if you’ll be dealing with them or the landlord directly, for if/when you have any problems or any repair needs.

When getting everything sorted and securing your new house, you’ll be required to pay a deposit. This will be held against damage to the property, any essential cleaning on departure, removal of large amounts of rubbish or the replacement of any locks or keys that are not returned. Deductions cannot be made for reasonable wear and tear to the property!

At the beginning of the tenancy you’ll be asked to sign an inventory (a list of all furniture, fittings and other equipment provided by the landlord). You should make sure that this includes not only the furnishings but the condition of everything in the house such as the carpets, walls or doors. This can be used in evidence when it comes to cleaning the house when you’re leaving. If you don’t have an inventory, you should request one or even make one yourself and have them sign it, as you don’t want them to be charging you for things that were already there.

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