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Sarah Harris

When I decided to choose on a place to live, that happened to be on Salisbury Road (aka Student central), I didn’t consider how noisy it would be. The noise usually doesn’t stop till 3AM pretty much every night of the week and having a room on the ground floor means I’m pretty used to hearing drunken ramblings outside my window, and even jumping out of my skin when the occasional fool decides it would be funny to start banging on it. It’s something that I should have probably expected when I chose a place just seconds away from Gassy Jacks and Koko’s, but over the last few months I’ve slowly figured out ways to get over the disadvantages of living in Cathays.

If you’re struggling to get any sleep because of noisy neighbours, I would suggest purchasing a fan. Even though it’s reaching minus temperatures outside, I sleep with my fan on full pretty much every night to mask out the drunken conversations of every passer-by. Not only will this aid you in noise control, it’s also pretty useful when your house is boiling and you’re running out of layers of clothing to take off. If things are still too noisy, talk to your neighbours. If they’re living in Cathays it’s also very likely that they’re students too, so would understand how it feels to be sleep deprived because of noise and hopefully they make a change.

If alternatively, you are considering throwing a house party and are worrying about pissing off your neighbours, then you shouldn’t because as I said, they are probably students too and are most likely used to it. If you’re still not sure then the best thing to do is go on over to their house with a huge smile on your face and warn them about your plans (and hey, you can even invite them if you’re planning a full-on rager).

One of the worst things about living in Cathays is dealing with the mess. If you’ve ever walked through any road in Cathays after garbage collection day, you’ll know the streets are littered with junk and smell awful too. You have to be really careful with waste disposal laws in the area, or you’ll get landed with a fine without even knowing it. Last year, my house almost got fined on 2 separate occasions as we didn’t know we were allowed to leave bin bags on the street and we put out the wrong coloured bag once. Check online for the laws on your street and if you still aren’t sure, call the council to see what the deal is.

However, living in Cathays also has its advantages, the main being all the great takeaways. It’s always useful to have about a dozen different options within a 5-minute walking distance, especially after a night out. It also helps that pretty much everything from gyms to libraries and cinemas are within a mile radius, and the area is usually always busy, so you don’t need to worry about walking home alone in the dark.

Cathays is the heart and centre of the Cardiff University student universe and despite all it’s negative attributes, you can’t help but love it.

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