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By Anwen Williams

A few things you’ll know if you’re living in Cathays are – that the streets are like floor bins, Cathays is monitored by gangs of savage seagulls, parking officers are out to get you, and students are really noisy. There’s a few things you’ll need to do living in Cathays to keep the fines at bay and the seagulls away (and make Cathays that little bit more liveable).

When you’ve moved in to your new house or into halls, you’ll usually receive leaflets that inform you when the black bins, food bins and recycling are to be put out. It’s important you put the right ones out on the right day, as you could face a hefty fine for putting them out on the wrong day. Asides from keeping the fines away, you’ll soon find yourself sick of the seagulls tearing your bins apart, so you’ll learn its best to not keep them out in the open to make life easier. Recycling and food waste bags are free and can be collected from Cardiff Council libraries, and from the Students’ Union.

Another thing that can be irritating living in the centre of Cathays is the noise. The most common complaint to Cardiff Council’s pollution control department is that of noisy neighbours. Most of the time it’s understandable that there’s going to be noise every now and again, and it’s advisable to try and resolve the matter informally. You can also discuss this with an adviser at Student Advice. However, if it’s really out of hand, you might want to make a complaint. If this is the case, you may want to get in touch with Cardiff Council. Cardiff Council can be contacted on 02920871650.

Finally, something you may not have considered since living in halls, is parking. If you’re planning on bringing your car to uni, you’ll obviously need somewhere to park. You might have noticed that most of the places near residential areas in Cardiff are resident parking only. If your house has a residents only space outside, you’ll need to apply for a permit from Cardiff Council.

Once you’ve got living in Cathays nailed, you’ll find yourself having less time for hassle and more time for fun.

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