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Marshman and Johns mark impressive night for Wales

Could Conor McGregor be fighting in Cardiff soon?

By Mark Wyatt

Jack Marshman and Brett Johns made history as they won their UFC debuts against Sweden’s Marcus Cedenblad and South Korean Kawn Ho Kwak respectively.

Johns, fighting in Belfast in front of a number of travelling Welsh fans, was victorious with all three judges scorecards.

In response to overcoming the undefeated Kwak, Johns said: “I’ve got the best team in the world, why shouldn’t I beat guys like that? I’ve got a good team, good family behind me who support me all the way and I’m very thankful.”

“The Welsh fans are amazing, they’re the reason why I’m here. I’m very thankful.’

Marshman’s victory came about via TKO in the second round at 3.38. Cadenblad was under deep pressure as he took a series of quick punches from Marshman, who ensured his first fray into the UFC ended with a victory.

The imposing Welshman held nothing back after the fight, eager to establish himself in the sport.

“After I get a few more fights I’ll start calling people out. There’s a ton of people in front of me, give me whoever.”

The double victories for Marhsman and Johns has prompted the Vice President of and General Manager of UFC Europe James Elliot to suggest a fight night in Wales should be on the cards soon.

“We always look at putting fighters in their home towns. I don’t think Wales will be on the agenda in 2017, but beyond that we’ll certainly look at it if Jack and Brett go on to be a big success.”

The UFC have visited England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland, but they have never come to Wales. This could change very soon.

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