Meghan media coverage – Racially charged?

Credit: Genevieve (Wikipedia Commons)

By Fiza Jain

Last year the wedding bells for the Royal Family rang once again when Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle got hitched. It was a magnificent and an altering event in Britain. When sixth in-line for throne Prince Harry started dating Meghan Markle – daughter of African American mother – many hailed as the family moving on from an era of long prone racism. 

But since their coupling few of the media agencies have been using racial terms about Meghan. A tabloid columnist attributed her as having an “exotic” DNA. Meghan was criticized for even the minutest of things – from eating, to applying dark nail polish, and not wearing skin-colored stockings. She was scanned from top to bottom for all her activities.

Historically, it’s not only Meghan who has been criticised or judged on her demeanor and habits. Prince Harry’s mother Princess Diana was also targeted by the paparazzis. Even Prince Willam’s wife Kate Middleton was criticised for not having a full-time job before she married Prince William. 

After all the inappropriate comments by the media, Meghan’s treatment seems harsh. Last year, the Daily Mail last year had a headline saying “Why can’t Meghan Markle keep her hands off her bump?” with a series of photographs of pregnant Meghan nurturing her baby bump. Whilst during the pregnancy of Kate Middleton, the Mail described the same scenario as Kate ‘tenderly’ cradling her bump.

Meghan and Harry always have been bold and have let their feelings known about issues they see as important. They have let their displeasure towards social media trolls and unsavoury journalism be known. The level of racism faced by the couple has made them take a decision to move away from all the royal media coverage and become financially independent. The Queen has agreed to the step taken by the couple, making them semi-detached royals – avoiding a detrimental split of the family. The couple took this brave and controversial step even after being aware of all the hatred they will have to face. 


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