Meme millionaire

Pictured: The video of Danielle Bregoli is now a famous viral video (Source: youtube.)

By George Cook

Catch me outside, how about….no, Danielle Bregoli. The spread of this meme on the internet has been widespread but what is more worrying is the spread of this culture throughout society that favours and rewards such behaviour.

Becoming a millionaire is usually only reserved to the lucky few, to those who have worked extremely hard, or to those who have been even more lucky and won the lottery. Yet, when one becomes a millionaire through disrespecting their own family members it sends a message to young children across the world that you can become rich and famous by ignoring basic values like respect, decency and dignity. That is not a message that we wish to send to future generations as a society; the future consequences would be unimaginable.

Some may argue this is funny. Some may argue that she is a troubled child. Some may say she is young and will make mistakes. However, there is also this argument: If you disrespected your mother as a child, she would tell you off. Despite this, the media, businesses, overall society appears to be rewarding this girl as if she has done something wonderful. To act in such a way towards your parents, your family, friends, or in fact, anyone on national TV is an insult to that person. It shows a lack of respect for not only others but yourself. Furthermore, it is an insult to those, of a similar age and older, who are not being recognised for more worthwhile deeds. Whilst memes and similar videos are humorous, they background to those who ‘star’ in them needs to be assessed as in too many instances benefits are reaped by those who, frankly, don’t really deserve them.

Money from endorsements and an apparent TV deal have fallen at her feet. Her stupid catchphrase and awful attitude will ring out in even more forms of the media, making it hard to escape her disrespect. But what is more worrying is the way society has developed to place emphasis on these people, on these acts, as if there is nothing else worth the attention. It demonstrates the Kardashian culture. The culture that puts fame on an almost unmeasurable pedestal in comparison to intelligence, friendliness and being good natured. Some young people now state fame as their aim in life, above professions such as a teacher, a doctor or a plumber. By doing so, in some ways, these once valued careers are being overlooked in the mindless and single minded pursuit of fame. Fame is something that should be attained at almost any cost, and in this case it is disrespecting one’s loved ones. (Although, from her demeanour it suggests she doesn’t love her parents at all.)

This fame-driven culture has manufactured an environment that is more conducive to needs of the media, big companies and social media than it is society as a whole because people use these means in order to capture fame or become viral. Anything has become acceptable, whether that be hitting someone with a spade, which went viral a couple of years ago, or disrespecting your parents.

For wider society and culture, people like Danielle Bregoli have become unworthy role models for future generations. They have become desired in society when in decades previously, this behaviour would have been demonised and abolished. Those who wish to follow such fame driven pursuits over an education that many dream of are as malevolent as they are narrow-minded.

However, a million pounds would be really nice right now so cash me….

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