Minecraft to add game changing ‘Wild Update’

Minecraft Wild Update
The upcoming 'Wild Update' is set to expand on the game's existing biomes in new and exciting ways for players. Credit: Minecraft

By Elie Gould | Technology Editor

Following on from last week’s feature on Minecraft Live this article will be all about the much anticipated and exciting next instalment of Minecraft; the Wild Update.  

A leading developer for Mojang, Agnes Larsson, spoke passionately about all the significant changes that this update will bring to gameplay. Big and small. 

One of the most noticeable changes players will see are updates to various biomes. In a move to make each one stand out, biomes like the birch forest (seen in the picture above) and the swamp will get a great revamp. 

Through looking at the concept art displayed during the live stream there are several possible traits that we may see in this new update. Not only will trees be raised to make the surroundings more spacious and light, but we may also see additions of hollow logs, moss, mushrooms and even some new flowers. 

In contrast, the swamp seems to be going in a different direction. Knowing Mojang this will still look fantastic. The biggest addition will be that of a new tree type, the mangrove. Not only will this promote a more climate-conscious perspective but it will also introduce new wood types, with all the associated wooden items.  

We will also see the introduction of mud! You can either dig it up with a shovel or make your own by soaking a dirt block with water. Furthermore, the act of drying mud out using dripstone will also supply the player with clay blocks. Finally, a way to create clay bricks automatically! 

A smaller gameplay change will also be the ability to find and place chests in boats. The developers did not only want to create new chances to find loot in the swamp biome. But this will also allow the player to be more mobile while transporting large amounts of items through the swamp. 

The final expansion that the Wild Update will bring to the game will be ancient ruined cities that can be found in the deep dark. In order to sustain the air of mystery that surrounds the ancient cities, the developers have said that they won’t give out too much detail on what can be found and why they exist. 

Luckily there is a certainty of unique and precious loot, so you will be rewarded for braving the darkness and the Warden. The developers also enclosed during the stream that there will be some sort of tower or structure that will hold a ‘surprise’. 

The deep dark won’t be a walk in the park though. It will also come with skulk censors. These will work to alert the Warden to a player’s whereabouts by activating the shrieker. Unfortunately, not even crouching will help you here as a censor can go off just due to proximity. 

All in all each one of these updates will come as a very welcome change to how Minecraft is played. Not only are they adapting the scenery to reflect a changing world but I am very excited to have some more challenging areas of gameplay. Hopefully, this will lead to a more rewarding experience. 

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