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MLang Study Day

On the 6th January, Cardiff University MLANG Student Ambassadors are hosting local schools for the day to promote the use of a modern language. We work alongside schools in Cardiff providing students the opportunity to assist within the classes of their specific language, and promote languages at the University. These schools are the same as those invited to the study day.

Throughout the day we will be putting on a variety of workshops from beginners Japanese to talks about students’ experiences from their year abroad. Hopefully this will give the pupils a taste of what opportunities a foreign language can provide. In 2014, it was revealed that the number of students taking a language at University was at a record low!

In an ever more diverse society and market, the ability to communicate in another language is becoming even more important. Having a language as part of your skill set is a useful asset to have. It opens doors not only in terms of career prospects but on a personal level too. It allows you to connect with people all over the world and gives you a real insight into different cultures. We hope that this opportunity we are providing not only offers a better understanding but also inspires them to either carry or take a language further into their education.

– James Fox

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