Momentum crucial or Cardiff City

By Harry Borg

Momentum refers to the quantity of motion that an object has. It can be defined as mass in motion, high-speed trains or cars have momentum. But in sport, when referring to clubs, it is more figurative and in games it is more psychological. A shift of momentum is easy to spot during a game, causes vary, ranging from a disallowed goal, hitting the post, a tackle, a decision that hasn’t gone your way or even the fans increasing the noise. Capitalising on the change can significantly alter the course of the game and even a season.

Currently, and unfortunately, Cardiff City lack momentum. The victory over Huddersfield wasn’t capitalised on and following the 3-1 loss to Steve Bruce’s rejuvenated Aston Villa they sit 23rd in the league. Bruce’s side are an example of the positive impact the right type of momentum can do. Villa are unbeaten in seven games and are sitting comfortably in mid-table, they can now look to chase down those play-off places. The Bluebirds must look on with envy.

A reoccurring issue which has plagued Warnock’s tenure was once again prevalent in the game against Villa. This Cardiff side have a real issue with scoring. Despite a slow start City did create chances in the second half but again they failed to convert. This inability to score is the main reason Cardiff are down in relegation places.

The Christmas period is a blessing for football fans, games come thick and fast. However, if your club is trapped in a relegation scrap then you’ll be wishing it were over quickly. Currently, Cardiff are in the midst of a relegation battle. The upcoming games against Wolves and Barnsley could even be described as Six-Pointers. Now, Cardiff will not literally gain double the amount of points if they win, it is merely an idiom of football discourse that emphasises the importance of such games. If Cardiff fail to win many games over the holiday period don’t be surprised to see the rest of their games billed as Cup-Finals by fans and players alike.

Wins against teams around them could really generate the positive momentum that the team needs. Warnock knows that, the players know that and the fans do too. Performances have been fine but football’s a results business, only wins can keep you safe. Cardiff need to initially generate momentum, grab hold of it and serenade it with a rendition of Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’.

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