MSs defect to form new Independent Alliance for Reform

Independent Alliance for Reform
MSs sit at the Senedd, the heart of the Welsh devolved government. Source Rudi Winter (via. Geograph)
Three MSs, two from the Brexit Party and an independent member, have formed a new group in the Senedd called the Independent Alliance for Reform.

By Hallum Cowell | Deputy Editor

This newest independent group in the Senedd wants to change how devolution works in Wales, Gair Rhydd covered the current state of devolved powers in depth recently.

Caroline Jones, David Rowlands, and Mandy Jones have formed a new Senedd group, the Independent Alliance for Reform (IAR), which with 3 members makes it the fourth largest group in the Senedd.

This departure leaves Mark Reckless as the only remaining Brexit Party MS in the Senedd, though he has reportedly been offered a place in the Abolish the Welsh Assembly party.

The group’s new leader Caroline Jones said IAR would be “committed to engaging with voters in Wales ahead of potential elections next year; to be their voice in deciding how devolution in Wales could work better for the people of our country”.

She added: “this will be a group focusing on the thing our politics needs most, reform.”

Seven UKIP MSs were elected to the Senedd in the last Welsh election in 2016, since then all of them have left to join other parties. many have since defected again following the decline of the Brexit party. 

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