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National Student Volunteering Week

As most of you will probably know, this week (Feb 20th – 26th) is National Student Volunteering Week. Over the course of this week Cardiff Volunteering will be working with our friends at SVC to run a number of exciting events that you can get involved in locally. This is a great time to have a go at volunteering and hopefully you’ll get a lot out of it and want to do it some more ! If that is the case then Cardiff Volunteering run over 40 regular weekly volunteering projects that you can get involved in locally – visit or pop into our office on the 2nd floor of the SU to find out more. If you need any more persuading – below are our Top 10 Reasons to Volunteer …

10 reasons why you should volunteer!

  1. Meet new people! It doesn’t matter if you’re a first or final year – it’s always good to meet people who have similar views and interests to you, and you can never have too many mates!

  2. Build confidence! Volunteering is a lovely way to build your social skills and confidence in leading a group of people, whether they are children, adults or the elderly. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your confidence grows!

  3. Transferrable Skills! If you’ve been to a careers talk you’ve probably heard us all harp on about this – but it’s important so hear us out! Volunteering can provide concrete evidence of skills including time management, organisation, communication, problem solving… the list is endless.

  4. Experience for your CV! Linked to the above – you need evidence and examples to back up your claims on your CV in a job interview, application – they want proof you can be there on time, not just your word for it!

  5. Give back to community! If you’re anything like us you will have fallen head over heels for the beautiful city that is Cardiff. However amazing the city is, they all need some love and volunteering is one way you can give back to this incredible place you call home for 3 years (or more!)

  6. Makes you feel good! Links have been made between volunteering and improved mental health, but we don’t need scientific proof to know that nothing beats that feel good feeling of a child seeing a giraffe for the first time, or the joy of a year 8 student who has finally got that maths problem, or an elderly lady’s smile when she receives a Christmas present. Fact.

  7. Puppies! Some of our volunteering work involves walking local rescue dogs. What more do you want?

  8. Fun! Volunteering is unavoidably fun.

  9. Make a difference! Volunteers provide such a valuable service to the community! Your work will not go unnoticed and our partner schools, care homes and external organisations are constantly so impressed and grateful for the support you provide.

  10. Employers love it! Having volunteering experience on your CV could just be the tipping point separating you from another potential candidate. It could also be the other way round – don’t let that happen to you!

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