Nearly a fifth of crimes reported in Cathays are violence and sexual offences

Cathays Police Station Photo credit: Emma Videan
Cathays Police Station Photo credit: Emma Videan

By Emma Videan

Police.UK released the 2017 crime statistics for Cathays last week revealing that over 9,500 crimes were reported to the Police in 2017. They have found anti-social behaviour to come out as the most common crime, with 2284 reports, with violence and sexual offences being the second most common, with 1790 reports. The third most common crime in the Cathays area was shoplifting with 1725 counts of this crime.

Shoplifting accounts for 18.09% of the crimes in Cathays, which is almost double that of the Cardiff average, which is 9.15%. This is most likely due to the central location of Cathays and multitude of available shops in a small area of Cardiff. However, the Cardiff average was higher for anti-social behaviour and for violence and sexual offences than in Cathays

According to the most recent census, 44.4% of households do not own any cars, indicating that people use other modes of transport, such as bicycles. Therefore, unsurprisingly, you are more than twice as likely to have your bike stolen in Cathays than you are in the rest of Cardiff.

When suspects were identified, the most common action to be taken was for the offender to be dealt with by the police, and this most commonly is done making a local resolution or the offender receiving a police caution. Shockingly, after a complete investigation, no suspect was identify 48.2% of the time and in addition to this and for other reasons, such as the inability to prosecute the suspect a huge 63.29% of crimes that are reported result in no further action. In comparison, only 10% of offenders are dealt with at court.

In 2017, 2908 reports of burglary were reported. Cardiff University student, Katie Walker, experienced a burglary first hand when she left her laptop at her friend’s house while they went on a night out, only to return at 1am to find the back bedroom window smashed. Two cars, two laptops, money, birthday presents and speakers were stolen.

Katie said; “We were all understandably shook up from the incident. The police arrived 45 minutes after we called them and we were told to stay somewhere else for the night. The police took fingerprints from the scene but were unable to identify any suspects. One car was eventually found through the owner tracking it through her insurance company.”

“This all occurred within the first week of moving to Cathays from Talybont in our first year, and so it was a frightening experience that made us all very wary about our safety, and I even felt uneasy in my own house nearby in Cathays as my bedroom is at the front of the house.”

While burglaries to this extent are not the most common of crimes committed in Cathays, it is understandable that events such as these may make students feel concerned. The local police are located in the Students Union every Wednesday, should students want to talk to a PCSO about anything to do with crime in the area.