Neo-Nazi Posters Displayed Around Campus

Photo credit: Wales Online

A series of posters displaying neo-Nazi imagery have been seen around Park Place and Senghenydd Road in the past few days. Police are currently investigating the imagery, one of which appears with the tagline ‘Death to Traitors’ and ‘Freedom for Britain’, with a seemingly Aryan soldier holding the head of a traitor on a spike.

Reported to authorities on Sunday, the imagery has now been removed for further examination. Around 20 or so were spotted on campus, with concerned students making a concerned effort to ensure their swift removal.

The university released the following statement in response to the incident:

A number of offensive posters appeared in the vicinity of the Students’ Union over the weekend. Any such offensive posters that are found on or around the Students’ Union building will be removed immediately. We are working with South Wales Police as they investigate this incident. At Cardiff University Students’ Union we offer a safe and inclusive space to all of our student members and are committed to working with Cardiff University to uphold a culture free from discrimination.

Jo Stevens. the Labour MP for Cardiff Central, said:“If these fascists think they will find like minded people in Cardiff and particularly in Cathays for their hatred and racism then they’re wrong. As Woody Guthrie so memorably sang in 1942 “All you fascists bound to lose”. He was right then and is still right today.”

As the investigation continues. police are encouraging anyone with information to come forward. In the meantime, the university are offering support for anyone affected by these events.

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