New cross-party movement for an independent Wales

By Mariana Diaz

In the last decade, Europe has been a place for many different independence movements. Like Scotland and Catalonia, Wales will also host a new independent organisation. Yes Cymru will be the first non-political movement to diffuse the idea of an independent Wales.

Following the raising independence movements towards Europe, Yes Cymru was born as a cross-party non-party grassroots organisation to help Wales gain independence, meaning that many of their members are sympathisers of different political parties, and that they will try to achieve an independent country along with affiliates of different political organisations. Yes Cymru firmly believes that Wales will benefit if allowed to run their own affairs by being part of an European and international community, which can only be achieved by being an independent country.

Yes Cymru embraces the idea of an inclusive citizenship, where anyone who chooses Wales as their home, regardless of where they were born, will be considered full citizens of an independent Wales. Showing a more tolerant point of view, and embracing the idea of a cosmopolitan country, Yes Cymru will add Wales to the list of countries that already have a cosmopolitan society model. This organisation aims to gain sympathisers through a range of different actions, like social gatherings, or educational activities. Those actions will help to debate the pros and cons of the idea of an independent Wales, among people who are concerned about the notion that Wales should be running its own affairs.

Being a non-political organisation, Yes Cymru differentiates from other independent parties. This movement is open to everyone who believes in independence for Wales, regardless of their political affiliation. They welcome contributions and memberships from all sections of society in order to help create a united Wales, while debating the raising issues concerned with the country’s independence. The organisation was only just opened to members at the end of last year, and their membership is around 100 affiliates. On 20th February, Yes Cymru will hold their first annual general meeting where their officers to the central committee will be elected from their current membership.

According to some polls, Welsh independent support is hovering between five and fifteen per cent across the country. Yes Cymru recognise that like the Catalan or the Scottish movement, pulling up the polls is not something easy that can be achieved overnight. Hard work and a good action plan will be key to their success. They consider that is worth mentioning that the Yes vote in Scotland was around 20 per cent between 2009-2011, and now it is just under 50 per cent.

Analysing the polls’ results, knowing that this is the first time that Wales will have an independence campaign, the number in favour of an independent Wales can be interpreted as a good base for Yes Cymru to pull up the polls and gain more sympathisers.

According to Yes Cymru, self-determination and independence is a basic right for every person across the world. Taking that into account, Yes Cymru is determined to help achieve an independent Wales that will best benefit all of the citizens in Wales.

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