New house, new rules

Credit: Mark Nicholson

by Sarah Harris

If you’re lucky enough to find a fun and genuine group of friends, choosing people to live with in second year becomes pretty easy. The majority of students move out of student halls and in to a rented house after their first year of university. The prospect to freshers seems exciting. I mean who wouldn’t want to live in a pretty house with a bunch of their closest friends? Who doesn’t want every night to be a sleepover and every weekend a 48-hour house party? Maybe in some student houses it is like that, but I can tell you it most definitely isn’t for most of us.

The prospect of growing up seems daunting despite the fact that most of us are no longer living at home and being taken care of by parents and guardians. For me, the realisation that I was now officially a ‘grown up’ didn’t hit me until the first month of living in a shared house with my friends. Council Tax? What’s that? I didn’t realise how much leaving the TV on overnight was actually costing us and I had no idea how to take a gas reading. I called my dad in the first few days as every single one of us was clueless about bills.

I guess living in student accommodation was pretty easy. At the start of each term a large sum of money would leave our bank account and for the rest of the term we’d slightly budget on food and nights out etc. Moving in to your own house is completely different.

I guess the advice I’m sure anyone would give to anyone who is thinking of potentially moving in with their friends would be to sit down together and plan out how things are going to be done. It’s all a lot harder than it looks. And, RULES! Rules are key if you don’t want arguments to be caused or you don’t want to walk in to a kitchen full of dirty dishes when you’re hungover on a Sunday morning. Living with the people you’re closest to is great and you’ll definitely make fantastic memories with them, but at the same time you need to remember that it’s not going to be exactly how you thought it would be. It may even be a little confusing at first but once you all gather and figure it all out, it’s pretty easy from there.

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