New podcast seeks to help students find advice after uni

Life after graduation: new graduates will likely find it hard to transition from full-time education to work-life. Source: greymatters (via Pixabay)
How new graduates are aiming to help their peers learn about the realities of work after university.

By Tirion Davies

For students graduating this Summer, recruitment comes with a lot of nerves and an abundance of uncertainty. Especially in today’s world.

Leaving university after a life in full-time education can be hard for many. It seems as though it’s something you’re supposed to adapt to; you’re hardly ever told of what comes next when you start looking for a job. 

Graduates can sometimes leave university without a clear understanding of the problems which may occur when they first begin working. After years of education, transitioning from school-life to full-time work can be difficult, and often many make the transition without knowing what lies ahead.   

But graduates are starting to gain a little help. Young adults who have made the transition themselves, or are about to, are beginning to document what really happens when it comes to moving into working life.

Emily Cohen, a 24-year-old Casting Researcher in TV production is about to launch a podcast called Working it Out.

The podcast aims to explore the challenges people might face during the early years of their working careers. Transitioning from education to employment is often hard for students, but Emily’s podcast aims to be a tool for those starting their new careers after graduation. 

Apprehension about starting a new job or starting a new phase in life shouldn’t have to be hidden deep down. Speaking to others is always the first step in realising that you’re not the only one feeling this way.

 Constantly facing situations you feel you’re unequipped to tackle when you start a new job can seem daunting, as any new graduate will tell you. But new graduates like Emily are opening up the discussion so that it doesn’t feel like the doorway is closed for help.

Katie May Huxtable, the former Editor-in-Chief of Quench Magazine, recently joined the new graduates speaking about their experiences with life after University. The Graduate Club is another tool worth looking through if you just need that little bit of help coping with post-Uni worries.

The Graduate Club, much like Working It Out talks about common uncertainties and offers support through the next step after graduation. Katie spoke recently through ‘The Graduate Club’s Instagram account about her struggle trying to find a job and feeling disheartened after leaving university.

‘Post-university blues’ have been found to be a big problem amongst new graduates. The worry about getting a job, or about dealing with issues in a new job can often become too much.

As reported by the BBC, City Mental Health Alliance found that around half of students report feeling low after leaving university.

Students graduating this year face even more uncertainty than before. In a post-COVID-19 world, graduates need help in understanding the job market more than ever. It’s possible, with the help of podcasts like Working it Out and with accounts like The Graduate Club, graduates will gain the valuable information they’ll need to cope with the adjustment into working life.

It can be hard to speak to family members or older peers who have already long since made that switch to having a career. Podcasts, apps, and social media accounts are brilliant resources to help put more focus on the adaptation from university to employment, especially for those who feel the subject is often ignored or not widely spoken about.

Beginning a career and then being caught out when new challenges arise can be hard for anyone. Adapting to work life is something which is expected, and hardly ever taught.

But struggling is okay. It’s normal, even. Struggling does not mean that you are failing – it means that you just need a little more help. Struggling with entirely new scenarios that may appear in the early years of your career means that maybe you need a little guidance.

Emily Cohen’s podcast and Katie May Huxtable’s account, and many like them, are aiming to give that guidance to new graduates. Life skills are often not taught in schools, and so muddling through life can seem the only thing to do; but tools made by new graduates can be a great aid when you just need that little bit of help.

New graduates are learning that the tools aren’t always in place for when you leave university, and they’re trying to amend that. Advice from new graduates who are opening up the conversation can help bring these struggles to the forefront and remove the stigma surrounding its discussion. Struggling is normal, but there are plenty of people happy to open the conversation.

Graduation and that change from full-time education to a career can be hard for many. It’s important to remember that you are not alone in feeling this way, and there is always guidance out there somewhere.

[Please remember, however, that if you feel you are struggling and believe the stress you are feeling is becoming overwhelming, do not hesitate to contact a professional who can help you.]

Working it Out will soon be available on all Podcast streaming services. The Graduate Club is available on Instagram and Twitter.

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