New regulations for COVID-19 in Wales

New regulations are in place in Wales.
A computer generated representation of Covid-19. Source: Felipe Esquivel Reed (Via Wikimedia Commons).
New regulations have been put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Wales, including the new 'rule of six' for indoor gatherings.

By Zoe Kramer | Head of News

As of September 14, there are new regulations in Wales to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Groups of no more than 6 people are allowed to gather indoors, provided they are all from the same household. Masks are required indoors. Just as before, no more than 30 people may gather outdoors. Children under 11 are not counted toward group numbers and are not required to wear masks.

It is possible to form an extended household of up to four households. This enables members to meet indoors and stay at each other’s houses. This arrangement can help facilitate care, whether for elders or children. However, forming extended households increases risk of infection, and should only be done with careful consideration. If one person within the extended household contracts COVID-19, then everyone else must self-isolate as well. Once an extended household has been formed, it cannot be broken up.

In an outdoor setting, it is acceptable to meet with someone outside of your household, however social distancing is required. It is possible to meet indoors with someone outside of your household if you are providing care for a child or vulnerable adult.

While it is not necessary to be socially distant in every situation, such as playing sports or visiting a hairdresser, it is still recommended to take every possible precaution to ensure safety.

It is possible to travel with no more than 6 members of your household. While traveling abroad is allowed, you will be required to self-isolate for 14 days upon your return to Wales.

Some high-risk businesses will be required to collect contact information. This is so that if a COVID-19 case is discovered, contact tracing is employed to prevent further spread. These businesses may include pubs, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, hairdressers, swimming pools, and casinos.

Cinemas will be allowed to open on July 13, Museums, arcades, and bowling alleys are allowed to open once they have measures in place to safely allow customers in. Theatres and concert halls will remain closed, as well as nightclubs.

While these are general guidelines, it is advisable to take more precautions than are required, especially with a potential bottleneck in testing results.

These changes do not apply in Caerphilly, where stricter regulations are in place.

For more information on COVID-19 regulations, visit the Welsh Government website.

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