New research in Wales could bring back a lost species of eagle

By Charlotte Raymond

The decline of these eagles has been a consequence of a loss of their natural habitats and also due to human persecution.

However, researchers at Cardiff University are examining whether or not contemporary Welsh society would be suitable enough to reintroduce these eagles into.

It must be acknowledged that whilst the research project is within the early stages of development, if reintroduction of these eagles is deemed suitable, the process would consist of licencing and also a consultation.

The possibility of bringing eagles to Wales has many potential benefits. Eagle Reintroduction Wales Project researcher, Sophie-lee Williams, expressed that: “The project could bring far-reaching benefits…restoring Wales’ diminished biodiversity, regenerating local economies and aiding the conservation status of both the Golden and White-tailed eagles”.

It is thought that the project could have potential to assist in conserving these eagles not only at a national level, yet also an international level.

Projects of this nature have been conducted in other parts of the UK and also in Ireland. By re-introducing the White-tailed eagles on the west coast of Scotland, it is estimated that it has brought an extra 1.4 million visitors to the region each year, whilst increased tourism has produced up to £5 million, which has therefore supported up to 110 jobs.

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