Newport Charity hopes to raise money for new Severn Bridge Quids In Scheme

by Christopher Colbourn

At the start of this year David Barnes, the owner of a Newport-based PR firm, decided to celebrate the lifting of the Severn Bridge toll, and contribute to a good cause at the same time.

Mr. Barnes has started putting a pound of his savings into a pot every time he made the crossing, to be given to St David’s Hospice Care at the end of the year, and told the South Wales Argus: “I’ve lived within sight of the bridge for 30 years. I dread to think just how much I have spent on crossing.”

Hoping to encourage others to do the same, he has started an initiative called ‘Quids In’, so that other people in the area- and especially business owners- who make the Severn crossing frequently, can ensure that their money goes to people who need it.

The charity has been delivering ‘world-class care’ to people in and around Newport with potentially fatal illnesses for the past forty years, and hope that the public’s contributions will help them to keep doing so for many more.

For a free collection box, visit St David’s Hospice Care in Malpas, Newport, or call
01633 851051.

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